Wednesday, March 30, 2005 at 10:50 AM

Johnnie Cochran: The Lawyer Who Saved OJ Dies

Posted by Anthony L. Hall

1937 – 2005

Johnnie L Cochran, the most clever, debonair and charismatic lawyer of our time, died yesterday from an inoperable brain tumor.

Too many people only regarded Cochran as the lawyer who helped OJ Simpson get away with murder. But for those of us who knew a little about the man, Johnnie was not only a skilled defense attorney but also a tireless advocate for civil rights and black economic empowerment. Moreover, he was already a celebrity among lawyers before OJ Simpson made him a household name.

Farewell Johnnie! And, even though no one would be more suited to the task, chances are pretty good that you won’t have to plead your case at the pearly gates….

(Click here for an Obituary on Jonnie Cochran from the Associated Press)

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