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Search for Signs of Intelligent Design (God) in Evolution…

Posted by Anthony L. Hall

Creationism – the biblical account of the origin of man (the Adam and Eve not Steve version) that was crucified in the (first) trial of the 20th Century, Tennessee v. John Scopes – has been resurrected in the guise of Intelligent Design.

Intelligent-design theory adds a scientific gloss to creationism by arguing (according to my crude reckoning) that the “specified complexity” that is indispensable to all living organisms cannot be explained by Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection and random variation (chance) – which form the scientific basis for Evolution (from a monkey on all fours to two-legged man, over thousands of years, through the survival of the fittest adapting to ever-changing environmental conditions.) The theory holds further that “the empirical detectability of intelligent causes renders intelligent design fully scientific” and that only an intelligent agent (God) can explain ubiquitous phenomena in nature that defy scientific reduction. Have faith….

Therefore, armed with their evolved intelligent-design theory, onward Christian soldiers are now marching on public schools all over America demanding that as much time be given to creationism as to evolution in teaching the origin of species….Hallelujah!

But here’s an interesting thought:

This perennial debate presumes that evolution and creationism rest on mutually exclusive belief systems. However, they are not necessarily irreconcilable. The following is a unique theory posited by an acclaimed aeronautical engineer (and personal friend) who – like Sir Isaac Newton and other scientists who turned to God at the end of their reasoning – harmonizes the two theories as follows:

A seed or nucleus of life was created. And, call it the Big Bang if you must. (Creationism)

That seed or nucleus of life was then designed or programmed by an intelligent agent [God]. (Intelligent Design)

That seed or nucleus of life then evolved over time. (Evolution) [Adrian, 1 September 2005]

And, anyone who does not see the inspired logic in this synthesis is probably one who scoffs at the creative genius of Jackson Pollock….Amen!

Now, can’t we all just get along…for Christ’s sake!


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