Monday, September 17, 2007 at 5:29 AM

O.J.’s surreal deal finally revealed: 1 burglary for 2 murders…

Posted by Anthony L. Hall

One could be forgiven for thinking that O.J. Simpson’s first criminal trial proved beyond all doubt that incriminating facts are irrelevant when he’s the defendant. Moreover, it is already self-evident that his latest criminal act represents little more than a ratings bonanza for all media, and career opportunities for TV legal pundits.

Indeed, given the saturation coverage since his arrest this afternoon, I see no point in reciting the alleged facts and circumstances surrounding his participation in an armed robbery in Las Vegas on Thursday night. Besides, the real issue is whether you’ll be able to resist gawking at this O.J. spectacle. After all, it is bound to make coverage of Paris Hilton’s tragic farce look like filler for the graveyard schedule on TV….

That said, the charges against him, which include robbery with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit robbery and burglary with a firearm, are all major felonies that carry serious prison time.

Therefore, as my cynical title suggests, wouldn’t it be ironic if O.J. were now convicted for burglary after getting away with double murder (committed June ’94, acquitted October ’95)...?

Meanwhile, a number of you have e-mailed asking if O.J. might get off easier if it turns out that he was not one of the men holding a gun, or that he was even aware that there were guns involved.

The answer is NO!

Because of the conspiracy charge, regardless of the level and nature of his participation, he is liable for all of the crimes committed, and to the same extent as the person who held the gun.

For example, if this were a bank robbery in which someone was murdered, and O.J. was only the getaway driver (ie, he waited outside in the Bronco, never even entered the bank and thought his buddies were just going to politely demand the loot), he would still be liable for armed robbery and felony murder!

Finally, for the record, based solely on O.J.’s account of his harebrained “sting” to repossess some of his own sports memorabilia, I suspect even that predominantly black jury that acquitted him in 1995 would convict him today on all charges.

Accordingly, I predict he’ll be convicted and sentenced to at least 25 years in prison; notwithstanding his patently-specious (no-intent) defense that he cannot be convicted of stealing his own “shit”.

(Just one more way in which his civil conviction for those murders is coming home to roost…. Recall that he was ordered to turn over his sports memorabilia to help settle the $33 million judgment.)

Pay no attention to his desperate attempt to feign a confident smile in this most recent mugshot. Because, if you look into his eyes, you could see it dawning on him that he’s about to pay for being not only a double murderer, but also a common thief!

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*Published originally on Sunday, 16 September at 4:29 PM

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