Thursday, October 30, 2008 at 9:57 AM

American stories, American solutions: Obama’s must-see TV

Posted by Anthony L. Hall

In an audacious move, Barack Obama ran a 30-minute campaign ad in prime time last night that even die-hard supporters of John McCain must concede, however grudgingly, was remarkably effective (i.e., presidential). Indeed, it is a testament to their concession in this respect that their only complaint was about the amount of money Obama must have paid to buy up that amount of time on so many TV stations.

But the irony seems completely lost on McCain and Palin that they are accusing Obama of being a socialist on the one hand while complaining, albeit unwittingly, that he’s too much of a capitalist on the other. After all, they’re whining that, unlike them, Obama eschewed the government’s handout of $84 million in favor of raising over $500 million privately to fund his campaign.

But never mind how much it cost; because it’s the compelling message this “infomercial” sold that has McCain supporters now stewing with such envy and resentment. And, as a die-hard Obama supporter, I cannot resist this opportunity to compound their misery by featuring his ad here today:

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