Thursday, November 15, 2012 at 9:27 AM

Romney Unplugged and Unhinged … Again

Posted by Anthony L. Hall

No doubt you recall that Mitt Romney was caught on tape during the presidential campaign dissing 47 percent of the American people as a bunch of welfare parasites living off the wealth of people like him. And perhaps, like his VP running mate Paul Ryan, you thought Romney was just being “inarticulate.” In which case, consider this:

This self-righteous jerk was caught on tape again just yesterday explaining to the rich fools who invested hundreds of millions in his campaign that the reason they’re getting nothing for their money is that Obama bought the election by giving “extraordinary financial gifts” to Blacks, Hispanics, women, and young people.

The gifts he cited are things like Obamacare, the Dream Act (which grants not just Hispanics but anyone brought to the United States as a child a guaranteed path to citizenship), a more sustainable student-loan repayment program, and a requirement that contraceptives be covered by insurance just as Viagra has been from day one.

His post-mortem pout is clearly super-rich with irony. Yet it seems completely lost on Romney that he was peddling this nonsense to rich fat cats who funded his campaign in the vain hope that they would continue receiving the extraordinary financial gift of tax policies that allow them (and other rich folks) to pay a lower tax rate than their secretaries and servants and shelter much of their fortunes in off-shore tax havens: a gift they’ve been receiving from successive presidents for decades.

Not to mention that many of his funders undoubtedly benefited from President Bush’s “gift” of an unprecedented bailout of Wall Street. And this schmuck, his lips dripping with scorn, has the unmitigated gall to accuse poor people of feeling “entitled” to food stamps?!

Forget the irony; the hypocrisy here is stupefying. Frankly, if you voted for this oaf (Am I betraying my utter contempt too much?), you too must feel like a fool today. Incidentally, apropos of fools, reports are that eight of the ten-biggest losers who bet money on Romney winning the White House were firms on Wall Street. Of course this should surprise nobody; after all, these are the same so-called “Masters of the Universe” who precipitated the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression with their pyrrhic bets on sub-prime mortgages.

Anyway, thank God the vast majority of the American electorate saw Romney for the clueless plutocrat he is. Indeed, it’s no wonder the people of his home state of Massachusetts — who know Romney best — voted for Obama by a profoundly instructive margin of 60.8 to 37.6 percent. We dodged a bullet here, America.

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