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Posted by Anthony L. Hall

Today, more than ever since D-Day, it behooves us to remember the global conflagration a self-absorbed, tendentious, unhinged, pusillanimous, insecure, delusional (acronym: stupid) megalomaniac – with formidable military power – ignited. Moreover, we would do well to remember the unspeakable blood and treasure sacrificed to combat it.

Never again…?

If Donald Trump did not come to mind as you read the above about Adolf Hitler, then you’ve been living under a rock for the past 18 months.

                                                          Der Spiegel

Of course, you could just be one of the growing number of narcissists who are too wrapped up in their own, selfie-deluded world to notice or care about Trump. But it speaks volumes that his mad-hatter antics are such that more people seem interested in the daily dents of his train-wreck presidency than in the dirty details of Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial.

Apropos of which, Trump is so stupid he thinks the 100 million people who follow or like his social-media postings are supporters; whereas at least two thirds of them are just rubbernecking addicts looking for their next fix.

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