Thursday, March 8, 2018 at 8:25 AM

It’s International Women’s Day: ‘Men Should Be Barred from Politics’

Posted by Anthony L. Hall

We have enough data, as well as anecdotal evidence, from the way women have influenced the corporate world to make credible extrapolations. The correlation between more women holding positions of power and the implementation of family-friendly policies is undeniable in this respect. Therefore, it’s entirely reasonable to assert that, if more women held positions of power in politics, they would use their power more towards building up human resources than military armaments – just to cite one obvious example.

Finland’s president, prime minister, president of the Supreme Court, as well as eight of its eleven government ministers are all women. Arguably, there’s a direct correlation between their positions and Newsweek rating this county the best place to live in 2010 – in terms of health, economic dynamism, education, political environment, and quality of life.

(“Women Make Better Politicians than Men,” The iPINIONS Journal, October 14, 2010)

You will note that I wrote this many years before Donald Trump made it a categorical imperative. Time’s Up!

And, yes, the Gaston Lachaisesque woman carrying the “Marching On” banner bears a telling resemblance to Oprah, Trump’s devoutly-to-be-wished successor! #Oprah2020

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