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Cosby Gets 3-10 Years. He Got Off Easy

Posted by Anthony L. Hall

Bill Cosby was just escorted out of the courtroom after being sentenced. He was seen leaving in handcuffs after Judge Steven O’Neill denied him bail.

‘This is a serious crime he was convicted for …,’ the judge said.

(CNN, September 25, 2018)

Predictably, some black people are crying racism. But they are the same black people who were cheering justice after O.J. Simpson got away with double murder.

Not to mention that, if he were not already behind bars, even Cosby would have winced at the blasphemy of his PR flak analogizing his prosecution to the persecution of Jesus Christ:

‘They persecuted Jesus and look what happened,’ [Andrew] Wyatt said. ‘Not saying Mr. Cosby is Jesus, but we know what this country has done to black men for centuries. … This has been the most racist and sexist trial in the history of the United States.’

(The Huffington Post, September 25, 2018)

Therefore, take it from this black man, they were wrong then, and they (especially Wyatt) are wrong now.

That said, it is patently absurd that Judge O’Neill declared the practically blind, 81-year-old Cosby a “sexually violent predator” – who must register as a potential sex offender and receive counseling for the rest of his life. Surely even the predatory combination of Spanish fly and Viagra has its limits.

In any case, I shall suffice to reprise what I wrote in “Bill Cosby, ‘America’s Dad,’ Guilty of Felony Sexual Assault,” April 26, 2018.


I have written many commentaries on this sordid, tragic case. They include “10 More Women Accuse Bill Cosby of Sexual Assault…Rape,” April 23, 2005, “Bill Cosby Pays Off Woman Who Accused Him of Rape,” November 13, 2006, “Bill Cosby, a Serial Rapist?!” October 22, 2014, and “Crappy New Year to Bill and Camille Cosby!” January 4, 2016, in which I predicted this 80-year-old’s fate as follows:

In truth, ever since he allowed himself to be deposed before settling [Andrea Constand’s] 2006 lawsuit, Cosby has been a jailbird walking. His accusers numbered more than fifty last week. That’s when a Philadelphia prosecutor finally issued a warrant for his arrest. …

He’s facing ten years in prison, and deserves every bit of that time.

I remarked in one of my commentaries that, for every one of Cosby’s victims who comes forward, there are probably ten who are too afraid or ashamed to do so. Bear that in mind as you read the following – from “Bill Cosby’s (all too Belated) Fall from Grace,” November 18, 2014 – which I shall let stand as my closing comment.

If you’re inclined to feel any sympathy for Cosby, don’t! After all, if just one of these [62] women is telling the truth, Cosby should’ve spent most, if not all, of the past 30 years in prison, not on TV or on stage. Especially considering that the following quote from his 1969 comedy album titled, appropriately enough, It’s True! It’s True!, could fairly be read as an unwitting statement of his consciousness of guilt:

‘You know anything about Spanish Fly… you put some in her drink, man … ahhhhhh … Spanish Fly is groovy. Yeah boy … any time you see a girl: Wish you had some Spanish Fly boy.’

Good riddance, Mr. Cosby!


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