Saturday, October 27, 2018 at 7:30 AM

Thank God most of the ‘best people’ Trump hired refuse to do what he wants…

Posted by Anthony L. Hall

This cartoon riffs off the spectacle of Trump continually whining on TV and social media about people he hired refusing to do what he wants. Never mind that what he wants them to do is often illegal or ill-advised.

Of course, with all due respect to Powell and Sessions, Trump has tried most notoriously to no avail to get FBI Director Christopher Wray to investigate Hillary Clinton and other Democrats for all manner of unspecified crimes. Indeed, Bok might have included a third caricature of Wray sitting outside that office with a bubble of Powell and Sessions saying to him, “We hear you’re part of the never-Trump, pro-Hillary deep state.”

Unfortunately, Trump’s supporters appear all too willing to compensate for the frustrations the few principled people he hired are causing. After all, the misguided serial mail bomber – who terrorized so many high-profile Democrats and CNN this week – is just the latest of them to act out his incendiary rhetoric.

For, even as president, Trump has continued to hold campaign rallies at which he stokes mobs into a frenzy with slogans like “lock her up” and “Republicans create jobs, Democrats create mobs.” And yes, they are too stupid to appreciate the baying hypocrisy, and he is too amoral to care.

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