Thursday, February 17, 2005 at 1:09 PM

A Royal Marriage Worthy of King Henry VIII

Posted by Anthony L. Hall

HRH Prince Charles’ proposal to marry Mrs. Parker Bowles (his mistress-in waiting for 30 plus years) must have King Henry VIII chortling in his grave. Because, no other royal since that raffish king has shown such utter contempt for his religion, the institution of marriage and the welfare (and lives) of women. But on 8 April 2005, Charles is scheduled to complete this dubious trifecta and, in so doing, enhance the legacy of unconscionable royal prerogatives that make fools of loyal subjects.

(A republic, a republic – my life for a republic!)

Charles and Camilla: Two peas in a pod!

Charles clearly realises what, alas, Edward VIII did not: that Great Britain has always had a critical mass of servile monarchists for whom the royals can do no wrong. And, that no amount of aberrant, shameful and capricious behaviour will diminish their devotion to the Monarchy.

Indeed, it is troubling – to say the least – that revelations about the royal family’s cold-hearted treatment of Princess Diana seem to have had little effect on their public support. It was these loyalists, after all, who not so long ago welcomed Diana as the lady avenger of their faith. They worshiped everything about her and prayed for the day of Charles’ coronation as King and she – their Queen. And, upon her sudden death, they wailed and mourned as if Christ himself had been re-crucified!

But the royal family’s PR machine seems capable of manipulating public opinion through any scandal that threatens their reign. So that when the exiled Princess disclosed details about her marriage (of quiet desperation) to a Prince who treated her as little more than the chosen breeder of his heir and spare, that machine spewed out its own revelations about Diana that made Charles seem the victim of a bulimic, hysterical, ungrateful and hopelessly dysfunctional brat of a wife; and, that was that!

So this British fairytale continues with Charles now lauded as a doting Daddy betrothed to a more suitable woman. The sad reality, of course, is that where the Royal pronouncement of such a marriage once warranted summary abdication, today it heralds the respectable union of the future king and his indefatigable mistress.

But royal prerogatives and enabling subjects notwithstanding, if only half of Diana’s claims about Charles are true, his head should be fitted for a guillotine rather than a crown.

(A republic, a republic – my life for a republic!)

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