• Tuesday, May 30, 2017 at 8:43 AM

    The Week Trump Kissed Up to Saudi Arabia, Kissed Off Europe, and French Kissed the Philippines

    Posted by Anthony L. Hall

    One of the many unseemly things about Donald Trump as president of the United States is his longing admiration for dictators. In “Hail Erdogan – Nouveau Sultan of Turkey,” April 17, 2017, I ridiculed this as his dictator envy.

    But even I was left stupefied as I watched him play über dictator on the world stage last week.

    Trump began his first presidential trip abroad at an “Arab Islamic American Summit” in Saudi Arabia, where he reveled among potentates as if they had just elected him their honorary Caliph. He ended it at a NATO Summit in Belgium, where he treated Western leaders as if they were nothing more than ungrateful vassals of his “America First” state of mind.

    What truly beggars belief, however, is the antic camaraderie Trump exhibited among those Muslim autocrats. I’ve already referenced his dictator envy. Therefore, his sociopathic tendency to project is the only other thing that can help explain it. This refers to his infamous habit of accusing others of traits, blame, behavior, etc. that inhere in himself. In this case, perhaps Trump is the closet Muslim he used to accuse Obama of being …

    Trump clearly thought he was being fêted. But he was being fattened like a white cow for zabiha (slaughter). After all, the 50 Sunni leaders at this summit clearly intended to lure him (i.e., the United States) to side with them in the Sunni-Shia conflict that has defined Islam for over a thousand years. They tried this with Obama to no avail for eight years. But Trump fell for it hook, line, and sinker in four months.

    They fattened him up with hundreds of billions in arms and other deals. And Trump showed Pavlovian appreciation. But the real price for his egomaniacal folly will be paid in the blood of more American soldiers on the killing fields of the Middle East, as well as that of innocent Americans on the streets of the United States.

    His folly in this latter case is particularly insidious. Because Trump is siding with the very Sunni leaders who fund and/or inspire over 90 percent of the terrorism that plagues the world today. I commented more fully on this fateful irony just days ago in “WTF: Saudis Giving Islamophobic Trump the Royal Treatment…?” May 20, 2017.

    Meanwhile, this is the same Trump who ridiculed Obama for bowing to the Saudi king. But, in his contradictory fashion, he also accused Michelle Obama of “insulting the Saudis” by not wearing a headscarf during her husband’s state visit.

    As it happens, though, Trump’s contradictions are surpassed in their brazenness only by his hypocrisies. Therefore, it came as no surprise when a video of Trump curtsying to the king went viral last week. He also didn’t seem to mind his wife insulting the Saudis by not wearing a headscarf during his state visit.

    Apropos of insulting hosts, Trump began insulting America’s European allies long before his arrival in Brussels on May 24. Therefore, it also came as no surprise when, on this occasion to reaffirm the ties that bind the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), his words reeked like a skunk at a garden party.

    Specifically, he hurled patently misguided allegations about Europeans sponging off American taxpayers for their national defense, respectively. That was bad enough. But he added injury when he physically pushed aside the prime minister of Montenegro – who happened to be standing where Trump felt he needed to be to preen as top peacock for a routine photo op.

    Accordingly, he not only stunk up the place, but behaved like a bull in a China shop to boot, which probably gives bulls a bad name. Alas, as German Chancellor Angela Merkel telegraphed, the fallout might prove seismic and historic:

    Speaking at a beer hall rally in Munich on Sunday, Merkel suggested that the era when Europe could rely on the United States may be coming to an end. …

    ‘I experienced that in the last a few days, and therefore I can only say that we Europeans must really take our fate into our own hands … we have to fight for our own future and destiny as Europeans.’

    The dramatic announcement came after contentious meetings with Trump, who had used his first official trip to Europe to criticize German trade, scold world leaders about their NATO spending and refuse to commit to the Paris agreement on combating climate change.

    (Washington Post, May 29, 2017)

    In other words, Trump did in two days what Russian President Vladimir Putin has been trying to do for nearly two decades: He sowed discord in NATO – the greatest military alliance in the history of mankind and the unassailable guarantor of peace on the Continent of Europe since WWII.

    Not content with that, though, he also sowed discord over the global effort to combat climate change. In this case, he vowed to withdraw the United States from the Paris accord, which nearly every county in the world has signed on to. Indeed, it speaks volumes that, if he follows through, the United States will be in dubious company with only two other countries, namely Syria, which has been too beset by civil war to care, and Nicaragua, which insists the accord does not do enough to protect the environment. (Withdrawing would easily be the most perverse of his “America First” (Earth in the Balance?) policies, but this is not the commentary to elaborate.)

    But it’s a wonder he didn’t declare his intent to withdraw from the G7 — the influential group of Western democracies that meets regularly to coordinate economic, security, and energy policy

    Yet despite all this, the preternaturally clueless Trump is hailing his trip as “a great success.” Of course, Putin must be laughing at his dumb luck. After all, he could never have imagined having an American president who seems almost as hell-bent as he is on undermining the democratic institutions, multilateral agreements, and military alliances that have reinforced America’s status as leader of the free world for the past 70 years.

    This brings me to his blossoming bromance with Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte. In fact, the foregoing should explain why the following came as no surprise:

    US President Donald Trump told his Philippines’ counterpart that he was doing a good job fighting an illegal drug epidemic in his country, an effort that has led to thousands of deaths and drawn international condemnation from human rights groups. …

    ‘Any assertion by any world leader, including, US President Donald Trump, that Duterte is doing ‘an unbelievable job’ by cheerleading a murderous campaign that has killed more than 7,000 Filipinos is not only a gross insult to those victims and their family members, but sends a signal to Duterte and his willing executioners that their lawless killing spree can continue with a vengeance without fear of international criticism and repercussions,’ said Phelim Kline of Human Rights Watch. …

    When former US President Barack Obama’s administration said Obama would raise the issue during a meeting between the two, Duterte called his former US counterpart a ‘son of a bitch.’

    (CNN, May 24, 2017)

    Frankly, Trump might be lauding Duterte again very soon. This time for imposing martial law in the Philippine city of Marawi, where pro-ISIS forces are trying to create an Islamist sanctuary.

    It is especially noteworthy that, in exhorting government forces to “drive them out,” Duterte offered this perverse incentive:

    Duterte has sought to reassure soldiers who might be accused of committing abuses under martial law and jokingly said that if any of them were to rape three women, he would personally claim responsibility for it.

    (Reuters, May 27, 2017)

    Actually, the joke’s on anyone who thinks he was just joking. After all, this is the same Duterte who reportedly joked during his presidential campaign about murdering drug dealers. Yet nothing has distinguished his presidency quite like his murderous anti-drug campaign.

    Indeed, this is why Duterte’s “jokes” should put him in legal jeopardy. Hell, even Trump might have advised that, instead of raping, he should have exhorted his soldiers to limit their predatory behavior to aggressively kissing women and grabbing them by the pussy.

    Except that Trump is facing criminal and congressional investigations up the wazoo over relatively benign allegations of colluding with Russians to win a presidential campaign. Whereas Duterte is getting away with all kinds of high crimes and misdemeanors, including mass murder:

    Lawmakers in the Philippines on Monday threw out an impeachment complaint against President Rodrigo Duterte that accused him of orchestrating the mass murder of thousands of people in his crackdown on drug use. …

    Mr. Alejano, a former Marine captain, accused Mr. Duterte of bribery, murder and crimes against humanity. He said that Mr. Duterte had also encouraged police officers to kill as part of his anti-drug campaign.

    (New York Times, May 15, 2017)

    Given this, Trump could be forgiven if his longing admiration for Duterte were laced with dictator envy.

    In any event, it’s worth recalling in this context what putatively sensible Republicans (most notably Senator John McCain of Arizona) insisted was Trump’s only saving grace. It was his decision to nominate cabinet members like Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Secretary of Defense James Mattis, National Security Adviser H. R. McMaster, and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.

    Those Republicans assured the world that these secretaries would have an enlightening effect on Trump. But am I the only one who has yet to see any of that effect? Even worse, there’s often no difference between what we hear from them and what we hear from White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Trump’s other PR flaks. These secretaries and those Republicans have some ‘splainin’ to do.

    And don’t get me started on the moderating effect his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared were supposed to have on him. I pooh-pooed that liberal fantasy long ago in “Trumpasites Already Gagging on Big Lies (a.k.a. Alternative Facts) and Outrageous Pledges They Swallowed,” January 30, 2017.

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    Observing Memorial Day…Weekend

    Posted by Anthony L. Hall

    Remember to honor the troops, but don’t forget to curse the politicians who made dead heroes of so many of them for vainglorious causes like Vietnam, Iraq, Syria ….



    Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 6.41.39 PM

  • Friday, May 26, 2017 at 8:34 AM

    France: Skinny Models Must Fatten Up to Perfect their Catwalk

    Posted by Anthony L. Hall

    The way the fashion and beauty industries glorify skinny women is one of my abiding cultural pet peeves.

    This is why I was so heartened when Madrid decided to stop featuring anorexic models on its runways. I duly hailed its decision in “Good Riddance! Anorexic Models No Longer Reign in Spain,” September 14, 2006.


    This week, the madams of fashion in New York are flaunting their obsession with anorexic girls at their annual bacchanal. By instructive contrast, the matrons of fashion in Madrid are refusing to allow such sickly-looking mannequins to strut their dry bones at theirs, which begins on Monday.

    For years, I’ve been in the vanguard of a truly dispiriting crusade to deprogram the minds of women (especially young ones) with respect to body image. Because fashion conglomerates have conspired with mass media to convince them that a skinny girl – with no boobs and no hips – is the ideal of feminine beauty.

    Therefore, nobody greeted Madrid’s insistence on featuring only healthy-looking models with greater enthusiasm (and hope) than I.

    Alas, Madrid is not the trend-setting capital of the fashion world. More to the point, I fear its matrons of fashion will suffer a backlash, especially from fashionistas in places like New York and Paris who seem terminally vested, commercially and psychologically, in skeletal models.


    That was eleven years ago, folks. And I’ve continued my crusade to no avail in many commentaries, including “Skinny Models (Still) Reign at New York’s Fashion Week,” February 6, 2007, “A Rant: Skinny Women Wearing Fat Suits,” October 28, 2011, and “Spanx: a Girdle by Another Name that Does the Same,” July 30, 2014.

    To be fair, the Council of Fashion Designers of America issued guidelines in 2007, which urged fashion houses to use healthier-looking models. Unfortunately, virtually every fashion show since then has featured runway models who were as bone thin as they were bone white (which is another of my pet peeves).

    This is why I am even more heartened that, although far too belated, Paris is finally following Madrid’s fashion:

    A law in France banning the use of unhealthily thin fashion models [which passed in 2015] has come into effect.

    Models will need to provide a doctor’s certificate attesting to their overall physical health, with special regard to their body mass index (BMI) – a measure of weight in relation to height.

    The health ministry says the aim is to fight eating disorders and inaccessible ideals of beauty.

    (BBC, May 6, 2017)

    Incidentally, I know some men have a fetish for fat girls. I’m not one of them.

    I just prefer body types that look more like Beyoncé and Ashley Graham’s than those of the skinny bitches who do the catwalk. Moreover, it would do wonders for our culture if the fashion and beauty industries glorified the former rather than the latter.

    In a similar vein, I’d be remiss not to mention the pandemic of photoshopped images (of skinny and surgically enhanced models) online and in magazines. After all, these images have an even greater dysmorphic effect on impressionable girls than runway models.

    This is why I have crusaded against fake thigh-gaps and butt implants with even greater zeal in such commentaries as “Keep Your Selfies to Yourself … Puhleeease!” April 7, 2014, “Kim Kardashian on ‘Rolling Stone’?! Is Nothing Sacred,” July 16, 2015, and “Boycott Cosmopolitan Magazine!” October 7, 2015.

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    * This commentary was originally published yesterday, Thursday, at 7:57 a.m.

  • Wednesday, May 24, 2017 at 7:42 AM

    Suicide Bomber Brings Ariana Grande’s Manchester Concert to Explosive End

    Posted by Anthony L. Hall

    Police have arrested a man in connection with the Manchester Arena bomb attack on Tuesday as [Prime Minister] Theresa May condemned the ‘sickening cowardice’ of the perpetrator.

    Greater Manchester police, who believe they know the identity of the bomber, detained a 23-year-old man in the south of the city in connection with the attack, which killed 22 people.

    Another [119] people were injured in Monday night’s attack at the end of a concert by the US singer Ariana Grande.

    (London Guardian, May 23, 2017)

    Unsurprisingly, ISIS has claimed responsibility for this latest attack. It is always inveighing against “the crusaders.” But ISIS couldn’t care any less that the victims were mostly innocent girls and their chaperoning parents. Indeed, all the better to reinforce the specter of its terror.

    I appreciate the terror people feel whenever news breaks about Muslims perpetrating another terrorist attack. But this should be no greater than the terror they feel whenever news breaks about non-Muslims perpetrating another mass shooting.

    This is why it’s so stupefying that the police, media, and politicians invariably treat the former like an existential tragedy, but the latter like an ordinary crime. This, notwithstanding that mass shootings are more frequent and invariably result in more casualties.

    I maintain that we would feel far less terrorized if the police, media, and politicians all treat terrorist attacks as no more existential or tragic than mass shootings (i.e., rely more on the FBI and Interpol than the Marines and NATO). Instead, we’re turning our cities into veritable police states — complete with robocops patrolling our streets and illusory fortifications surrounding our buildings. What’s next, airport-like screenings everywhere?

    Meanwhile, nothing affirms the Groundhog-Day spectre of these attacks quite like the commentary I wrote just months ago, which I felt could only be titled “Islamists Terrorizing London … Again,” March 23, 2017.


    It must be understood that, no matter their collective resolve, there’s absolutely nothing our governments can do to prevent such attacks. That Americans reacted yesterday as if those explosions went off in Washington or New York should compel Westerners to focus on calming our collective nerves, instead of fretting about (or worse, trying to figure out) the motivation for and timing of terrorist attacks by Islamic fanatics.

    (“7/7 Terror Attacks in London,” The iPINIONS Journal, July 8, 2005)

    This attack is yet another reminder that “bombing the hell out of them” in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen amounts to masturbatory violence, which does nothing to protect us from terrorist attacks. I have lamented this folly in such commentaries as “‘Without (or Even With) More Forces, Failure in Afghanistan Is Likely,’” September 23, 2009, “Secretary Gates: Invading Afghanistan and Iraq Was Insane,” March 1, 2011, “Bombing ISIS Smacks of Masturbatory Violence,” November 18, 2015, and “America Drops the MOAB (Mother of all Bombs) on Afghanistan,” April 15, 2017.

    I am clearly resigned to the new normal terrorism represent. But I cannot help bemoaning our fecklessness in the face of such ever-looming attacks or decrying our self-fulfilling reaction to them.

    With respect to our fecklessness, President Trump interrupted his grandstanding in the Middle East for peace to grandstand for a world free of terrorism. Even worse, this amounted to merely conjuring up his name-calling schtick from last year’s campaign trail.

    Specifically, he proclaimed that, henceforth, all Islamist terrorists shall be called “evil losers.” But it is self-evident that this will do no more to combat or deter them today than President Bush calling them “evil doers” did in 2001. Frankly, such name calling is as juvenile as it is feckless.

    I won’t even comment on the outpouring of celebrity tweets these attacks invariably provoke, especially because they invariably reek of narcissism and platitudes in equal measure.

    With respect to our self-fulfilling reaction, we continually refuse to do what little we can:

    I don’t know why the media always reward these psychopaths by giving them the fame they covet; that is, by plastering their pathetic mugs all over television and reporting pop psychology about why and how they did their dastardly deeds.

    You’d think … we would have figured out by now that the best way to discourage them is by focusing our attention on the victims and limiting what we say about the [terrorists] to: May God have mercy on your soul as you all burn in Hell!

    (“Massacre in Omaha,” The iPINIONS Journal, December 7, 2007)

    Not to mention that rewarding terrorists with the wall-to-wall media coverage they seek often terrorizes us more than their actual attacks. But it is also self-evident that the media would rather profit from the perverse ratings boon terrorist attacks generate than help prevent the tragic human carnage they perpetrate.

    With that, my thoughts and prayers go out to all those directly affected by this latest attack. And I join in plaintive calls to:

    But I’m all too mindful that one hopelessly misguided kid (a.k.a. a lone wolf) inflicted this carnage and incited this panic (complete with the UK mounting a show of force worthy of martial law). Therefore, it behooves us to beware of this:

    God help us if al-Qaeda ever decided to emulate this feat by coordinating 10 similar bombings, at 10 football stadiums, in the 10 biggest cities in America, all on a typical Saturday in the fall, when each is packed with over 100,000 people watching college Football games. Not only would the carnage be 1,000 times more devastating, but based on the reaction to this terrorist attack, law-enforcement authorities would have to lockdown not just the airports as they did on 9/11, but the entire friggin’ country, no?

    (“Manhunt for Bombers Turning Boston into Theater of the Absurd,” The iPINIONS Journal, April 19, 2013)

    So, until the next one …

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    * This commentary was originally published yesterday, Tuesday, at 9:13 a.m.

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    Roger Ailes, Sexual Predator Who Founded Fox News, Is Dead

    Posted by Anthony L. Hall

    Roger Ailes, who shaped the images that helped elect three Republican presidents and then became a dominant, often-intimidating force in American conservative politics at the helm of Fox News until he was forced out last year in a sexual harassment scandal, died on Thursday morning. …

    ‘Fair and balanced’ was Mr. Ailes’s defining phrase for Fox News, along with another slogan: ‘We report. You decide.’ Though routinely mocked by liberal critics, who regarded the network as decidedly unfair and imbalanced, those words amounted to an article of faith for Mr. Ailes, who created Fox News with Rupert Murdoch’s money and guided it for two decades.

    (New York Times, May 18, 2017)

    Arguably, Roger Ailes was to cable television what Steve Jobs was to computer technology. Yet what little most people know about Ailes stems from the sexual harassment scandal that caused his fall from grace.

    There’s no denying his accomplishments as a pioneer of cable news. Unfortunately, this includes pioneering the phenomenon of “alternative facts,” which has turned public debate on everything into partisan echo chambers. Thanks to Ailes, forming America into “a more perfect union” has taken on the proverbial spectacle of building the Tower of Babel.

    But it would be karmic if his legacy were defined more by his sex scandal than Fox News. After all, it turned out that he ran this network more like a sultan lording over his harem than a CEO managing a corporation.

    This is why his passing is worthy of no greater tribute than reprising a little of what I wrote upon his firing. Accordingly, here is an excerpt from “Women Complain that Fox News Head, Roger Ailes, Has Dick for Brains,” July 20, 2016.


    Close friends will tell you that I have often decried the way all ‘prominent Fox News women’ seem to abide a dress code that requires them to bare as much leg and wear as much makeup as possible.

    Watching them, as I do on occasion for ‘fair and balanced’ news reporting, I always get the sense that they look more like beauty pageant contestants than cable news reporters. What’s more, camera shots invariably reinforce the impression that tits and butts are every bit as important as brains and skills.

    Frankly, their objectification is such that Fox News women are often barely distinguishable from the vaudevillian ‘Benny Hill foxes.’ This might explain why Ailes treated them, eponymously enough, like his Fox News foxes.

    Far more troubling, though, is the rumor that he hired women based solely on whether or not he found them ‘f**kable.’ After all, these allegations not only give credence to that rumor, but also make it impossible to watch Fox News women henceforth without wondering what sexual favors they performed to get, and are performing to keep, their jobs. …

    The parallels in this unfolding scandal to the one that triggered Bill Cosby’s fall from grace are as unavoidable as they are instructive.


    Incidentally, I honestly don’t know which of these two serial sexual predators was the more diabolical:

    • Cosby lured vulnerable actresses to his room with promises of making them stars, only to drug them. Then he had his way with them.
    • Ailes convinced vulnerable reporters to serve, practically, as his sex slaves. They serviced him in exchange for feature roles in his harem masquerading as a news network.

    Clearly, for any woman facing these two career paths, this would constitute the fabled choice between Scylla and Charybdis.

    It is also worth noting that Ailes was rewarded with a $40 million golden parachute for his alleged crimes; whereas jury selection begins today for Cosby’s trial on a battery of sexual assault charges.

    In any event, as Ailes’s victims emulated Cosby’s by coming out of the woodwork in droves, they confirmed my suspicion that the way a female reporter looked mattered more to Ailes than the way she worked:

    The View co-host Jedediah Bila, who previously worked at Fox News as a contributor and co-host, said that there were no pants in the wardrobe at the network, echoing the 2013 claims of former Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson that ‘pants were not allowed.’

    [Bila said] ‘You used to go into the room, and there were a bunch of dresses that you could choose from. I was told at one point I wasn’t allowed to wear orange because Roger [Ailes] doesn’t like the color orange.’

    (Media Matter, April 4, 2017)

    Ailes died from complications stemming from the head trauma he sustained when he fell in his Florida home on May 10. He was 77.

    Farewell, Roger.

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  • Saturday, May 20, 2017 at 8:04 AM

    WTF: Saudis Giving Islamophobic Trump the Royal Treatment…?

    Posted by Anthony L. Hall

    Much is being made of the way the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is rolling out the red carpet for President Trump – complete with bells, whistles, and gilded displays that appeal more to a visiting Mideast king (i.e., Trump’s ego) than a US president.

    This might seem ironic, even self-abnegating – given Trump’s virulent anti-Muslim rhetoric. But there’s existential method to Saudi Arabia’s fawning pageantry:

    Among Gulf leaders, enthusiasm for Trump — who looks increasingly embattled at home — is driven by the desire for a like-minded partner in the oil-rich kingdom’s struggle against Iran, its main Middle Eastern rival. That, to Saudi eyes, overrides his record of anti-Islamic rhetoric on the campaign trail, and his attempt to bar some Muslims from entering the U.S. once he took office.

    (London Guardian, May 20, 2017)

    To be fair, Trump has already demonstrated that much of what he says is just hot air – even if he’s too clueless and self-absorbed to ever realize it. Therefore, the Saudis can be forgiven for paying his anti-Muslim shtick no mind at all.

    Not to mention that the Saudis (as godfathers of al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups) have the blood of almost as many Muslims on their hands as the number of Muslims Trump is attempting to “bar.”

    Wahhabism is the source of all that is controversial about Islamic fundamentalism. Because this doctrine teaches that all who do not conform to their ascetic and jihadist religious practices are heathens and infidels.

    Members of the ruling Saudi Royal family are the world’s most ardent and influential devotees of Wahhabism. The Saudis insist that Wahhabis like Osama bin Laden are rare. But they cannot deny that terrorists of every stripe derive Jihadi justification and inspiration from the madrassas they fund worldwide.

    (“Bush’s Smiling Assassin Jailed — Indefinitely,” The iPINIONS Journal, March 2, 2005)

    It is also worth mentioning that the Saudis regard Syrian refugees as more of a plague to keep at bay than Trump does.

    But the primary reason for their Faustian displays is that Trump has shown no interest in balancing regional interests between Saudi Arabia and Iran. This, for them, stands in reassuring contrast to Obama’s fraught efforts to “reach out to Iran” — highlighted by the transformative deal he forged to halt its nuclear program. Hell, the Saudis are even inviting Trump to lecture their Shura Council on the true meaning of Islam, which is rather like the Americans inviting Putin to lecture their Congress on the true meaning of democracy.

    Accordingly, the highlight of Trump’s visit will be striking “the biggest arms deal in history” (reportedly worth $110 billion), as well as other business deals to make (corporate) America rich(er) again.

    Incidentally, I doubt Trump will emulate US presidents who wooed Saudi kings with PDAs worthy of school-girl crushes. After all, he doesn’t even show his wife that kind of affection. But his wheeling and dealing will more than make up for not holding hands and blowing kisses – like George W. Bush did so solicitously.

    The point is that, given the circumstances, the Saudis would be rolling out the red carpet even for the Devil – if they thought that would ensure not only their everlasting national security, but also their status as the sole guardians of Islam.

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  • Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 7:42 AM

    Special Prosecutor Appointed to Investigate Trump-Russia Ties. Checkmate!

    Posted by Anthony L. Hall

    Donald Trump telegraphed his intent to politicize the Department of Justice (DOJ) when he nominated his campaign hitman, Jeff Sessions, as attorney general.

    But even Republicans could not tolerate the stench of allowing Sessions to preside over DOJ matters related to alleged collusion between Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia. The foreboding irony could not have been lost even on Trump.

    Sure enough, bipartisan pressure forced Sessions to recuse himself, ceding all authority on such matters to his deputy – career prosecutor Rod Rosenstein.

    That recusal clearly frustrated this Don’s intent to treat the DOJ like his mafia family. And FBI Director James Comey’s refusal to pledge loyalty to him only exacerbated his frustration. This explains the ham-fisted way he fired Comey last week.

    But Trump is sensible enough to know that having a special prosecutor investigate him is rather like having Elliot Ness investigate Al Capone: It. Will. Not. End. Well.

    No doubt this is why Trump has had all of his surrogates fighting against the appointment of one.

    White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said Monday there is ‘no need’ for a special prosecutor to investigate alleged Russian involvement in the 2016 election or ties to the Trump campaign, pushing back on mounting Democratic calls for one in the wake of James Comey’s firing.

    ‘There is no need for a special prosecutor. There are two congressional committees and the FBI is conducting their own review,’ Spicer said at Monday’s press briefing.

    (Fox News, May 15, 2017)

    Meanwhile, Trump has been projecting consciousness of guilt with his constant whining that all allegations about his ties to Russia is just “fake news.” Remarkably, his whining sunk to a new low today as he delivered the commencement address to cadets at the Coast Guard Academy. They will soon be facing the deadly challenges of interdicting narco and human traffickers. But, instead of inspiring their courage to do so, Trump spent much of the address venting self-pity about the media – highlighted by this epic woe-is-me whine:

    No politician in history — and I say this with great surety — has been treated worse or more unfairly.

    (New York Times, May 18, 2017)

    A less narcissistic politician would’ve been all too mindful that history is punctuated with wrongfully imprisoned and assassinated politicians who were “treated worse or more unfairly” – obviously. But this whining comes from the man who spent much of Obama’s presidency feeding the media birther nonsense about this first black president being “the biggest fraud in US history.” But I digress …

    As it happens, I was in the vanguard of those calling for a special prosecutor:

    I can only reiterate my forlorn hope that Republican politicians will stand up to Trump (beginning with a clarion call for a special prosecutor) – just as they stood up to Nixon, and thereby precipitated his downfall.

    (“Channeling Nixon, Trump Fires FBI Director,” The iPINIONS Journal, May 9, 2017)

    Well, Trump’s worst nightmare has just come true, and he can thank his firing of Comey for triggering it:

    The Justice Department has decided to appoint a special counsel to investigate possible coordination between Trump associates and Russian officials seeking to meddle in last year’s election, according to Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein.

    Robert Mueller, a former prosecutor who served as the FBI director from 2001 to 2013, has agreed to serve in the role, Rosenstein said.

    ‘In my capacity as acting attorney general I determined that it is in the public interest for me to exercise my authority and appoint a special counsel to assume responsibility for this matter,’ Rosenstein said in a statement.

    (Washington Post, May 17, 2017)

    Incidentally, President Obama hired both Mueller and Comey as FBI directors. Therefore, he can be forgiven a little schadenfreude over Trump being hoisted by his own petard – given all this appointment portends.

    Trust me, all you need to know about Mueller is that he stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Comey in 2004 – in the midst of America’s most famous Constitutional crisis since Watergate. That was when the Bush White House tried to coerce an incapacitated Attorney General John Ashcroft into rubber-stamping a NSA surveillance program.

    Comey, serving then as acting attorney general (as Rosenstein is now), and Mueller, serving then as FBI director, believed one key aspect of that program was unconstitutional. So they rushed to Ashcroft’s hospital room and prevented Bush’s chief of staff from getting Ashcroft to sign off, both having threatened to resign if he did.

    In other words, Trump fired Comey only to end up with his avenging twin – over whom he has no authority, control, or influence.

    That said, with past being prologue, it could take months, if not years, for Mueller to complete his investigation. Alas, congressional committees will continue their dog-and-pony investigations, and Trump will continue to tweet; hence no reprieve from the political grandstanding and media hysteria that have characterized their investigations and dogged his presidency, respectively.

    But rest assured that, unlike Trump’s hopelessly compromised DOJ, Mueller and his team of special prosecutors will hold to account anyone who colluded with Russia. As it was with Nixon’s enablers, I fully expect many of Trump’s to end up in prison.

    Of more interest, this team will finally uncover the extent to which Trump’s (financial) ties to Russia explain his antic bromance with its mercurial president, Vladimir Putin, as well as his antic loyalty to the venal Michael Flynn. Not to mention that Mueller is bound to subpoena Trump’s tax returns and depose him – posing even greater legal jeopardy for him than special prosecutor Ken Starr posed when he deposed Bill Clinton.

    This is why I plan to refrain from any further commentary on this aspect of the Trump presidency until Mueller completes his investigation. Frankly, his appointment came not a moment too soon. After all, this is just day 118 of 1460 and I’ve already had enough of his presidency.

    In the meantime, I shall derive some consolation from my declared expectation that disgusted and disillusioned Republicans will force Trump to either resign or be impeached long before his last 100 days. The evidence Mueller’s team gathers on Trump’s financial conflicts and misdeeds will be instrumental in this respect. Incidentally, no matter the evidence, Mueller will not indict Trump on criminal charges; although he might give Trump the Nixon kiss of death by naming him an “unindicted co-conspirator.”

    For more on this fated end to his presidency, I refer you to “Retiring Republican Jason Chaffetz Could Be Trump’s Worst Nightmare,” April 22, 2017.

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    Republican Chaffetz

    * This commentary was originally published yesterday, Wednesday, at 9:02 p.m.

  • Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 7:53 AM

    Trump Sharing Classified Info with Russians Forces McMaster to Spicer Himself

    Posted by Anthony L. Hall

    President Trump revealed highly classified information to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador in a White House meeting last week, according to current and former U.S. officials, who said Trump’s disclosures jeopardized a critical source of intelligence on the Islamic State.

    The information the president relayed had been provided by a U.S. partner through an intelligence-sharing arrangement considered so sensitive that details have been withheld from allies and tightly restricted even within the U.S. government, officials said.

    The partner had not given the United States permission to share the material with Russia, and officials said Trump’s decision to do so endangers cooperation from an ally that has access to the inner workings of the Islamic State.

    (Washington Post, May 15, 2017)

    Frankly, nobody should be surprised that Trump revealed this information as he was boasting recklessly (i.e., going off script) about the “great intelligence” he has on ISIS. Mind you, he got this intelligence from the same intelligence community (IC) he spent his entire presidential campaign ridiculing as inept – continually reminding the world of their mistaken claims about WMDs in Iraq.

    Moreover, nobody should be surprised if or when he does something like this again, perhaps with even deadlier consequences. Which is why, in the interest of national security, it behooves the IC to think twice about briefing this congenital fool on highly classified information.

    That said, it is becoming as certain as night follows day that everyone who works for the Trump presidency will end up a laughing stock – eminently worthy of being lampooned on Saturday Night Live.

    No doubt you recall the lying fool White House Spokesman Sean Spicer made of himself the day after Inauguration Day. That’s when he wasted his first press conference trying to convince the world that the size of the crowd at Trump’s Inauguration was bigger than the crowd at Obama’s. This, despite pictures everywhere outside the White House showing the opposite.

    And, practically every day since then, one or another of Trump’s surrogates has made a fool of himself or herself in similar fashion – none more notoriously so than his counselor Kellyanne Conway.

    Now comes Lt. Gen. McMaster, reputably the “Army’s smartest officer,” trying to convince the world that the classified information Trump revealed was no big deal.

    White House national security adviser H.R. McMaster just emerged from the White House to declare that The Washington Post’s story about Trump giving highly classified information to Russia ‘as reported, is false.’

    But the rest of McMaster’s statement made clear he wasn’t actually denying the report. And his entire brief statement — punctuated by McMaster walking away without taking shouted questions — speaks volumes.

    (Washington Post, May 15, 2017)

    Not to mention that McMaster knows full well that, immediately following that meeting with the Russians, White House staffers rushed to clean up the mess Trump created. This involved alerting relevant members of the IC that the highly classified information at issue had been compromised.

    Of course, McMaster’s “non-denial denial” was damning enough. But it speaks even greater volumes that he emulated Spicer by fleeing his press conference without taking a single question from the press. As it was with Spicer (after his fateful post-Inauguration press conference), I fear it will be all downhill for McMaster’s character and credibility from this day forward.

    Despite my informed cynicism, I never imagined this celebrated Army officer would be guilty of this kind of Dereliction of Duty.

    NOTE: I cannot overstate how stupefying it is that so many people have been so willing to sacrifice their personal integrity and professional reputation at the altar of Trump’s ego. This has been one of the more incomprehensible travesties of the Trump phenomenon.

    God help them … us.

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    * This commentary was originally published yesterday, Monday, at 8:37 p.m.

  • Monday, May 15, 2017 at 6:47 AM

    Erasing Records to Whitewash Steroids from Track and Field Is Absurd

    Posted by Anthony L. Hall

    In a ‘revolutionary’ new proposal, European Athletics has recommended that all track and field world and European records set before 2005 should be removed from the record books.

    It would mean Mike Powell’s long jump world record, Florence Griffith-Joyner’s 100-meter and 200 -meter world records and Britain’s Paula Radcliffe’s marathon world record would be scrapped. …

    Seb Coe, president of the sport’s governing body — the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) — told reporters the report was a ‘step in the right direction [towards] winning back credibility in this area.’

    (CNN, May 2, 2017)

    Frankly, this makes about as much sense as the Soviet Union erasing discredited politicians from old photographs, hoping to give the regime more credibility. The governing bodies of sports might think they can get all athletes to compete clean. But this is as naïve as the Catholic Church thinking it can get all priests to live celibate lives.

    As it happens, I’m on record questioning the integrity of many of the records this proposal would affect, most notably those of Florence Griffith-Joyner (Flo-Jo).

    Florence Griffith-Joyner set the world record of 10.49 in the women’s 100m in 1988. But it seems unfair to hold today’s sprinters to that standard. Because if the sophisticated tests we have today were available back then, I suspect they would have revealed that Flo-Jo fueled her way to that record on performance-enhancing drugs.

    Moreover, no matter the autopsy report, it strains credulity to think that such drugs did not contribute to her early death at the very young age of 38.

    (“London Olympics: Day 8,” The iPINIONS Journal, August 4, 2012)

    Then, of course, there’s the prevailing suspicion that steroids fueled every record any athlete from the Soviet Union or East Germany set back then.

    Nonetheless, this proposal would impose too broad a punishing brush. After all, why should the steroids Flo-Jo might have taken to set the 100m in 1988 taint the record the presumptively clean Hicham El Guerrouj set in the 1500m in 1998?

    Incidentally, the IAAF claims that 2005 is the year of reckoning because that’s the year it began retaining samples for future testing – as more sophisticated techniques evolve.

    Carl Lewis is the greatest Track and Field athlete since Jesse Owens – with all due respect to Usain Bolt. But Lewis would readily admit that, after drugs cheat Ben Johnson defeated him on the world stage, he derived little consolation from receiving Johnson’s forfeited gold medal in relative obscurity.

    Winning in this belated, forfeited fashion cannot possibly compensate for being robbed of the thrill of victory that comes with winning (in the arena) at the Olympics or World Championships. Not to mention the fame and fortune the latter brings lesser-known athletes.

    Besides all that, the self-evident truth is that, no matter the testing or sanction, athletes will always cheat to gain a competitive advantage. And, as the Russian government demonstrated, many of them will have unlimited resources and technical expertise to aid them in doing so.

    This is why I maintain that decriminalizing all performance-enhancing drugs is the only way to deal with them in sports.

    Policing drugs in professional sports is not only Orwellian; it’s utterly futile. After all … athletes have always, and will always, do or take anything that might give them a competitive advantage. And if what they do or take poses no harm to anyone except themselves, who cares?!

    This enlightened attitude towards performance-enhancing drugs would have precluded the ‘scandals’ that now threaten the professional careers of Tour de France Champion Floyd Landis and Olympic (100m) Champion Justin Gatlin; to say nothing of sparing them international ridicule as pathetic liars and cheaters.

    (“A Plea for Landis, Gatlin, et al: Legalize Drugs … Especially in Sports,” The iPINIONS Journal, August 3, 2006)

    We should leave it to fans to assess the integrity of each sport in this enlightened context. And I suspect their verdict will be positive in each case:

    Steroid use has flourished in Baseball and other professional sports pursuant to an open conspiracy among players and team owners. This, to feed the gladiatorial lust of fans who want to see stronger, faster athletic cyborgs perform for their atavistic enjoyment. And, of course, the more fans revel in their steroid-fueled feats of athleticism, the bigger the players’ contracts (and even bigger the owners’ bottom line) become.

    (“Barry Bonds Is a Steroid Junkie … Duh,” The iPINIONS Journal, March 8, 2006)

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  • Saturday, May 13, 2017 at 8:12 AM

    My New Book

    Posted by Anthony L. Hall

    Book review: The iPINIONS Journal – Commentaries on the Global Events of 2016

    by Anthony L. Hall

    Reprinted from Caribbean News Now

    Published May 12, 2017


    Reminding us that yet another year has passed, Caribbean News Now op-ed columnist Anthony Hall embarks on his twelfth annual retrospective compendium of insights and observations on the major events of our times with the publication of his latest edition – The iPINIONS Journal – Commentaries on the Global Events 2016 – which covers his usual wide range of subjects, conveniently ordered by region and topic.

    His subject matter is as eclectic as ever and, of particular interest to Caribbean readers, are his comments on:

    The election of the first female premier in the Turks and Caicos Islands, where with a population of just over 30,000 it took almost 12 hours longer to announce Election Day results than it took the USA, with a population of well over 300 million.

    • The failures of CARICOM, which have “become so notorious that talking about them incites more contemptuous laughter than lawyer jokes”.

    • Obama’s landing in Cuba, which should rank alongside Nixon’s opening to China in the annals of world history.

    • The Bahamas holding an unnecessary referendum to decide whether men and women should enjoy the same constitutional rights, primarily with respect to citizenship, when the constitution already prohibits any form of discrimination.

    • What the FARC, as Colombian voters reject a landmark peace deal, demonstrating an unhinged willingness to vote against enlightened national interest.

    • Saint Lucia’s Prime Minister Allen Chastanet playing wannabe dictator by suing a local broadcaster, in order to silence any voice critical of his leadership.

    As Hall notes, by any measure, 2016 was an annus horrendous, illustrated among many other events by WTF! President-elect Donald J. Trump?! America. What. Have. You. Done – the triumph of white nationalism over multiculturalism/globalism – and Brexit – Britain exits, the die is cast, and the rise of Britain’s Iron Lady 2.0.

    The commentaries in this twelfth volume cover these and all other major events of 2016 and serve as a provocative, informative, and entertaining antidote to 140-character tweets, which no less a person than US President Donald J. Trump would have us believe constitute informed public debate these days.

    As always, regional iconoclast Hall tackles all of these topics and many more in his latest volume with his trademark confidence, flair and humour.

    Highly recommended reading.

    The iPINIONS Journal – Commentaries on the Global Events of Our Times: Volume XII, 587pp, is now available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble (including an e-book version for just $0.99) and all other major booksellers.

  • Saturday, May 13, 2017 at 7:48 AM

    Trump Demanded Oath of Loyalty from FBI Director

    Posted by Anthony L. Hall

    Only seven days after Donald J. Trump was sworn in as president, James B. Comey has told associates, the F.B.I. director was summoned to the White House for a one-on-one dinner with the new commander in chief. …

    The president then turned the conversation to whether Mr. Comey would pledge his loyalty to him.

    Mr. Comey declined to make that pledge.

    (New York Times, May 11, 2017)

    No surprise then that Trump was thinking of firing Comey “for a long time.” In fact, he admitted as much in a series of incriminating TV interviews this week.

    But what is so troubling is not that this wannabe dictator demanded an oath of loyalty from the FBI director. Rather, it’s the unavoidable inference that the vice president and every other member of his cabinet duly gave it, pledging loyalty not to the Constitution but to Trump.

    Which compels me to reiterate this fearful analogy:

    If you’ve ever wondered how so many German politicians became Hitler-saluting fascists, you need only look at how so many Republicans are becoming Trump-saluting bigots. …

    The phenomenon of Donald Trump says far more about the American people than him. They clearly want to be entertained by the disruptive spectacle he creates and couldn’t care less about the offensive and invariably self-aggrandizing things he, er, tweets or does.

    More to the point, the nature of foolish pride is such that, no matter how willfully he betrays them or endangers us, these Trumpasites will be loath to ever admit they were wrong about him. This is especially the case with the Christian evangelicals who betrayed zealous adherence to moral rectitude (and sold their souls) to vote for him.

    (“Trumpasites Already Gagging on Big Lies and Outrageous Pledges They Swallowed,” The iPINIONS Journal, January 29, 2017)

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  • Friday, May 12, 2017 at 8:06 AM

    Russians Dupe “Stupid” Trump and White House Staff

    Posted by Anthony L. Hall

    Donald Trump spent much of his campaign ridiculing “stupid” American presidents and diplomats who, according to him, were always getting duped by their foreign counterparts.

    He insisted that the American people needed to elect him, a shrewd and savvy businessman, to put an end to this embarrassing trend.

    Of course, that his record of achievement for the “First 100 Days” is the worst in US history speaks volumes. But no American president has ever been so stupid as to fall for this:

    A photographer for a Russian state-owned news agency was allowed into the Oval Office on Wednesday during President Trump’s meeting with Russian diplomats, a level of access that was criticized by former U.S. intelligence officials as a potential security breach. …

    The administration official also said the White House had been misled about the role of the Russian photographer. …

    ‘We were not informed by the Russians that their official photographer was dual-hatted and would be releasing the photographs on the state news agency,’ the administration official said.

    (Washington Post, May 10, 2017)


    Adding national insult to his stupidity, this all transpired after Trump refused to allow any American photographer into the Oval Office for this event.

    Reports are that Trump is “furious” at the Russians for leaking these pictures. No doubt because he has so much to hide – given his many suspicious ties to Russia. In this case, he clearly hoped there would be no pictures of him cavorting with the very Russians who Congress and the FBI are now investigating for colluding with his presidential campaign. I mean, really, how stupid can any American be?!

    Then, in typical fashion, Trump tried to cover up his stupidity with a tweet:

    Russia must be laughing up their sleeves watching as the U.S. tears itself apart over a Democrat EXCUSE for losing the election.

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 11, 2017

    The problem is that his attempts to deflect blame always seem so childish. In fact, he comes across like a five-year old, with cookie crumbs all over his face, trying to deflect blame after getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar. And this would be equally laughable if Trump were not the friggin’ president of the United States.

    More to the point, here is how I diagnosed this Trumpian pathology at the height of last year’s presidential campaign:

    The psychopathology afoot here is called projection. It is defined by people attributing to others traits, faults, and blame that inhere in themselves. And it explains almost every insult Trump has hurled at his opponents throughout this presidential campaign.

    So when you hear him calling other people crooked, insecure, weak, beholding to special interests, liars, etc., be mindful that he’s revealing self-conscious truths about himself, unwittingly.

    (“Forget the Clinton Foundation. Shut Down the Trump Organization!” The iPINIONS Journal, August 26, 2016)

    Incidentally, this projection manifested itself during an NBC interview today. That’s when this P.T. Barnum of a president accused James Comey of being “a showboat … a grandstander.” Never mind that everybody knows Comey as the preternaturally staid FBI director he fired in typically grandstanding fashion two days ago.

    In this case, “Russia must be laughing up their [sic] sleeves” as Trump stupidly undermines the functioning and shreds the integrity of every democratic institution. What’s more, he seems hell-bent on doing so in a vain attempt to claim the popular will Hillary won when she beat him by almost three million votes last November.

    That said, I am constrained to note that Trump also spent much of his campaign ridiculing Obama as a weak and feckless president who commanded no respect on the world stage. To support his contention, he often cited the way Russian fighter jets continually menaced US warships, as well as the way North Korea kept testing ballistic missiles and throwing American citizens in prison.

    Except that Russian fighter jets are still menacing US warships, and North Korea is still testing ballistic missiles and throwing American citizens in prison (adding a fourth just this week). Which must make Trump an equally weak and feckless president who commands no respect on the world stage, no?

    Not to mention the mocking lack of respect Russia showed by duping him with that White House caper referenced above. Yet, apropos of being weak and feckless, the only thing this reportedly furious (self-proclaimed) strongman did in response was fire off a pathetic tweet about last year’s presidential election.

    As it happens, tweeting is a curious feature of his projection. For Trump invariably tweets outrageous things to deflect media attention away from his many shortcomings, including a flair for brazen hypocrisy like this.

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    * This commentary was originally published yesterday, Thursday, at 6:26 p.m.

  • Thursday, May 11, 2017 at 7:24 AM

    Opposition FNM Torches Ruling PLP in The Bahamas

    Posted by Anthony L. Hall

    In what is the worst defeat of a governing party in recent history, the Bahamian people landed a crushing blow to the Progressive National Party (PLP) at the polls on Wednesday [leaving them with only 5 of the 39 seats in parliament]. …

    Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis will be sworn in as prime minister today at 5 p.m.

    Outgoing Prime Minister Perry Christie suffered a painful loss in the constituency he represented for four decades [becoming] the first prime minister to lose his seat.

    (Nassau Guardian, May 11, 2017)

    Congratulations to Prime Minister-Elect Minnis and his FNM Party.

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  • Tuesday, May 9, 2017 at 7:21 PM

    Channeling Nixon, Trump Fires FBI Director

    Posted by Anthony L. Hall

    Frankly, I warned that Trump would channel Nixon in this impeachable fashion.

    FBI Director James B. Comey has been dismissed by the president, according to White House spokesman Sean Spicer – a startling move that officials said stemmed from a conclusion by Justice Department officials that he had mishandled the probe of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

    Comey was fired as he is leading a counterintelligence investigation to determine whether associates of President Trump may have coordinated with Russia to meddle with the presidential election last year.

    (Washington Post, May 9, 2017)

    This is not complicated folks. In fact, it might suffice to note that only one other president in US history had the authoritarian gall to fire the public officials investigating his alleged high crimes and misdemeanors. That president, of course, was Richard M. Nixon – who infamously justified his authoritarian behavior as follows:

    Well, when the President does it, that means that it is not illegal.

    (Frost/Nixon Interview, May 1977)

    I have repeatedly lamented the cognitive dissonance that has “normalized” Trump’s Orwellian lies and Nixonian behavior. It’s only in this context that it makes any sense for Trump to claim that he’s firing Comey for mishandling the probe of Hillary’s e-mails.

    After all, this is the same Trump who spent much of his campaign not only hailing Comey for his handling of that probe (notwithstanding his refusal to prosecute), but also making political hay of the damning findings Comey shared in his controversial July 5, 2016 news conference.

    Alas, brazen lies, contradictions, and hypocrisies have become routine features of his presidency – just as they were of his campaign. Indeed, firing Director Comey to restore public confidence in the FBI, as Trump claims, is every bit as Orwellian as throwing journalists in jail to protect the freedom of the press.

    This is why I can only reiterate my forlorn hope that Republican politicians will stand up to Trump (beginning with a clarion call for a special prosecutor) – just as they stood up to Nixon, and thereby precipitated his downfall.

    Here, for example, is what I wrote in “Intelligence Report on Russian Hacking of Presidential Election,” January 7, 2017.


    Trump’s continued, Manchurian-like deflection of blame from Putin’s Russia, while imputing it Democrats, constitutes one of many seeds already germinating for impeachment proceedings. And he has yet to be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States.

    Speaker Paul Ryan is leading a chorus of Republican leaders in singing Trump’s praises. But their resentment over his bull-in-a-China-shop run to the White House is palpable.

    Therefore, don’t be surprised if they seize the first opportunity to impeach and replace him with Vice President-elect Mike Pence — who Republicans and Democrats alike consider far more fit to serve as president … for a litany of well-documented reasons. And, given Trump’s Nixonian inclination to punish his enemies, to say nothing of his Clintonian inclination to enrich himself, he is bound to provide all kinds of opportunities for them to do so.

    (“WTF! President-elect Donald J. Trump?! America. What. Have. You. Done.” The iPINIONS Journal, November 10, 2016)

    Mind you, Trump would be lucky if his presidency ends with impeachment. After all, he insinuated throughout his presidential campaign that Hillary’s would end with a “Second Amendment remedy” if she were elected.

    In any event, one cannot overstate the significance of Democrats and Republicans venting near unanimous support for the findings in this report, as well as for the categorical imperative of retaliating against Russia. Hence Trump really is “an island” — albeit one that can affect lives, for good or ill, on every continent of the world.

    Stay tuned, folks.


    I fear the worst is yet to come. But I’m convinced that, when all is said and done, Republican loyalty to country will trump loyalty to this president.

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  • Tuesday, May 9, 2017 at 8:12 AM

    Happy Teachers’ Day!

    Posted by Anthony L. Hall

    And a special thank you to Mrs. Judson – formerly of Pinedale Primary in Eight Mile Rock,

    Grand Bahama, Bahamas.

  • Sunday, May 7, 2017 at 4:01 PM

    UPDATE: With Macron, France Chooses Obama-Like Hope Over Trump-Like Fear

    Posted by Anthony L. Hall

    Centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron has decisively won the French presidential election, projected results say.

    Mr Macron defeated far-right candidate Marine Le Pen by about 66% to 34% to become, at 39, the country’s youngest president, the results show. …

    The BBC’s Hugh Schofield in Paris says this is the most remarkable success story of how a man who three years ago was utterly unknown to the French public, through sheer self-belief, energy – and connections – forged a political movement that has trounced all the established French political parties.

    (BBC, May 7, 2017)

    I said all I care to in my related commentary, “France’s Marine Le Pen, Putin’s Latest Democratic Honey Trap,” May 6, 2017.

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  • Saturday, May 6, 2017 at 7:18 AM

    France’s Marine Le Pen, Putin’s Latest Democratic Honey Trap

    Posted by Anthony L. Hall

    The campaign of French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron says it has been the target of a ‘massive hacking attack’ after a trove of documents was released online.

    The campaign said that genuine files were mixed up with fake ones in order to confuse people. …

    It compared it to the leak of Democratic Party emails in last year’s US presidential election that was blamed on Russian hackers.

    (BBC, May 5, 2017)

    It is not enough to merely compare this hack and leak with the infamous hack and leak that upended last year’s US presidential election. It is imperative to name and shame Russia’s Machiavellian president, Vladimir Putin, for ordering this political hit job.

    Further, we must point out that Putin’s aim is not just to “destabilize Western countries by undermining democratic elections.” For it’s decidedly to help the candidate he thinks he can manipulate (now Marine Le Pen, back then Donald J. Trump) and hurt the one he fears he cannot (now Emmanuel Macron, back then Hillary Clinton).

    But fool democracies once, shame on Putin; fool them twice, shame on us. Not this time, Pootie.

    He fancies himself the most powerful man in the world. But Putin is just North Korea’s Kim Jong-un with lots more nuclear weapons and oil money, which actually makes him the most reviled of all pariahs.

    Trust me, it galls him no end that he has to stoop to hacking democratic elections and bribing useful idiots to finagle the illusion of global respectability, especially given that former President Barack Obama always enjoyed that respectability in spades.

    In any event, Macron is expected to easily win the French presidential election against Le Pen tomorrow. I know, I know, Hillary was expected to easily win the US presidential election against Trump last November. But the French are too sophisticated to fall for this neo-fascist tramp, especially after seeing the way Putin trumped the Americans.

    Not to mention that the unprecedented fecklessness of the Trump administration has crested the wave of nationalist populism Le Pen and other Trump wannabes, like Geert Wilders of the Netherlands, were hoping to ride to power.

    Meanwhile, it’s hard to imagine a politician more obnoxious and odious than Trump, particularly a female one. But that’s Marine Le Pen.

    This stupid woman actually thinks there’s virtue in declaring that she only took millions from Putin to fund her campaign because every bank and every corporation in France refused to sully its reputation by associating with her.

    Incidentally, Obama took the extraordinary step of publicly endorsing Macron. This says all you need to know about his politics, just as Putin publicly endorsing Le Pen says all you need to know about hers.

    No doubt Obama is still smarting from the public humiliation he suffered when Putin’s Trump upset his Hillary. Therefore, Obama probably couldn’t resist this opportunity for an equally high-profile, high-stakes rematch.

    Vive la France!

    NOTE: America’s ingenious system of checks and balances has so circumscribed Trump’s Putinesque impulses that all Putin has to show for his hacking and leaking is Russia suffering even worse economic sanctions and irreparable reputational damage. This pyrrhic effect is clearly not what Putin meddled for. Yet I suspect that, even in failing to get Le Pen elected, his meddling will cause Russia to suffer even more in both respects — to the extent that’s possible at this point.

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  • Thursday, May 4, 2017 at 2:41 PM

    Republicans Bunt then Claim Home Run on Obamacare

    Posted by Anthony L. Hall

    House Republicans have passed their ambitious plan to repeal and replace Obamacare after several fits and starts, sending the measure to the Senate, where it is expected to be significantly revised.

    House Republicans will now head to the White House for a press conference.

    (ABC News, May 4, 2017)

    Everyone is hailing the passage of this bill in the House as if it were now the law of the land. This, despite the fact that anyone who knows anything about it knows that it is dead on arrival in the Senate. (If you don’t know how this legislative process works, I suggest you google “Schoolhouse Rock How a Bill Becomes a Law” to be informed — and entertained.)

    No doubt Republicans would like you think they merely promised to pass a bill in the House to repeal and replace Obamacare. In fact, they promised to eradicate it from the law books. Yet, as no less a person than Speaker Paul Ryan would readily concede, Obamacare is still the law of the land. Their promise is still far from being kept.

    This Baseball analogy might help:

    1. It’s the bottom of the first inning, there are already two outs (representing the two failed Republican efforts to pass this bill earlier this year), and Trump is batting third.
    2. He bunts to get on first base (today’s passage in the House), and everyone reacts as if his team had just won the friggin’ game – complete with a Rose Garden celebration at the White House.
    3. But then the cleanup batter (the bill in the Senate) strikes out and the first inning is all she wrote.

    With that, the Republicans’ cardinal promise to repeal and replace Obamacare is dead. Next inning: tax reform.

    And bear in mind folks, there are nine innings (other cardinal promises like building that wall), and there’s no reason to think their play will get any better as this game (the Trump presidency) progresses.

    Incidentally, for those of you who don’t know Baseball from Cricket, perhaps the proverbial warning about counting chickens before they hatch will do. That’s what these Republicans are doing with their gloating about repealing and replacing Obamacare.

    Not to mention sacrificing their vaunted fiscal rectitude at the altar of Trump’s ego. A rectitude, for example, that heretofore compelled them to demand cost and impact reports (a.k.a. CBO score) before voting on bills. And they are doing all this for what amounts to a pyrrhic legislative win — at best.

    Indeed, I’d say this vote today was much ado about nothing, but that would imbue the political farce afoot with too much honor.

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  • Wednesday, May 3, 2017 at 7:44 AM

    Three White Cops Kill Two Black Men…

    Posted by Anthony L. Hall

    One cops a plea; Two walk scot-free.

    Hardly a week goes by these days without anti-Trump protesters taking to the streets. In fact, their protests so dominate public consciousness, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that anti-cop protesters were doing the same not so long ago – with the same regularity, but venting even greater outrage. “Black Lives Matter,” remember?

    Frankly, there seemed to be a blaze of white cops killing black men. But anti-cop protesters often seemed more interested in fanning the flames than seeking justice. This was the context in which I commented on two high-profile cases.

    I see no point in rehashing the facts involved. It’s just that, given the protest cries of “no justice, no peace,” the way the Department of Justice (DOJ) resolved these cases is instructive.

    Case No. 1 Walter Scott

    Here, for the record, is a little of what I wrote about this case in “Clarion Call for Body Cameras to Check Bad Cops,” April 14, 2015.


    Law enforcement leaders like [NYC Commissioner Raymond] Kelly and civil rights activists like Al Sharpton are proposing a host of measures to monitor and, hopefully, control police behavior, especially when dealing with black men. Conspicuously absent from their proposals, however, is any measure that addresses the need for black men to control their behavior, especially when dealing with white cops.

    By contrast, here is what I proposed — in this excerpt from “Killing of Michael Brown: as much about Resisting Arrest as Police Brutality (only against Black Men?),” August 12, 2014.


    Not every fatal shooting by the police of an unarmed man is a case of police brutality. We’ve all seen far too many incidents of people resisting arrest – even wresting away a policeman’s gun and killing him – just because they fear being questioned or arrested … even for something as simple as petty theft.

    Indeed, you’d be hard-pressed to cite a case that resulted in fatality, where the victim followed the few general rules we should all follow when dealing with the police. Those rules are:

    1. Do not run.
    2. Follow instructions calmly (i.e., no sudden moves that might spook a nervous or trigger-happy policeman).
    3. Wait for the police to explain why you’re being stopped before politely posing any objections, concerns, or questions you may have.
    4. If instructed to turn around to be frisked or handcuffed, comply without uttering a word.
    5. Save any disagreements or arguments you may have for the courtroom or your civilian complaints review board, which is the only time and place to resist arrest.

    This is why, even though the cops who beat the crap out of Rodney King deserved to be prosecuted, (most of) that beating would have been avoided if King were not drugged out of his mind and, therefore, unable to follow simple police instructions. …

    It’s worth noting the direct correlation between police officers either wearing video cameras or videotaping every stop on dash cam and the dramatic decline not only in complaints by civilians, but also in use of force by the police. Frankly, it seems a no-brainer that every police department should make wearing body cameras as standard as wearing bulletproof vests. …

    [Not to mention that] there would be fewer of these fatal encounters between black men and white cops if more (unemployed) black men became cops to police their own communities.


    I hope law enforcement leaders and civil rights activists take heed. But, more than them, I hope black men do. After all, it’s arguable that, in every one of these cases, if the black suspect had not resisted arrest, he would not have been shot, let alone killed. So, please, let’s be wary of making martyrs of them. …

    In the meantime, though, nothing makes the case for cameras as proposed quite like North Charleston prosecutors charging Michael Slager (the cop who killed Walter Scott) with first-degree murder as soon as a bystander’s video of his shooting went viral.


    Sure enough:

    More than two years after a North Charleston, S.C., police officer fired eight rounds to the back of a fleeing and unarmed black motorist whose burst of gunfire was recorded on video, the officer stood in a federal courtroom on Tuesday to plead guilty to charges that he violated the slain man’s civil rights.

    The plea by the officer, Michael T. Slager, assured a rare conviction of a law enforcement official for an on-duty killing, and it left him facing the possibility of life in prison for the April 2015 shooting of Walter L. Scott.

    ‘The Department of Justice will hold accountable any law enforcement officer who violates the civil rights of our citizens by using excessive force,’ Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement.

    (New York Times, May 2, 2017)

    Case No. 2 Alton Sterling

    Here, for the record, is a little of what I wrote about this case in “Alton Sterling Latest Black Man Shot Dead While (or for?) Resisting Arrest,” July 7, 2016.


    I’ve seen the video. And, like the infamous Eric Garner video, it shows Alton Sterling resisting lawful police commands pursuant to an arrest.

    Of course, black activists will blame a trigger-happy cop without mentioning Sterling’s role in triggering his own death. And, as it was in the killing of Michael Brown, his defenders will blithely ignore the crime Sterling allegedly perpetrated, which caused someone to call the police in the first place.

    But the video shows enough for me to assert that the Department of Justice (DOJ) will be hard-pressed to file charges for a clear violation of Sterling’s civil rights. …

    Too many black activists always seem more interested in political grandstanding than saving lives. If this were not so, they would spend more time admonishing black men against resisting arrest, while they’re alive, than fueling riots and pleading to the DOJ, after they’re dead.

    Not to mention the insult they cause to the real martyrs for civil rights by treating black men who resist arrest as such.


    Sure enough:

    The U.S. Justice Department has decided not to charge two white Baton Rouge police officers in the death of a black man whose fatal shooting was captured on cellphone video, fueling protests in Louisiana’s capital and beyond, The Associated Press has learned.

    Federal authorities opened a civil rights investigation immediately after the July 2016 police shooting that killed 37-year-old Alton Sterling outside a convenience store where he was selling homemade CDs.

    (Associated Press, May 2, 2017)

    Notwithstanding the resolution of the Walter Scott case, many might think the resolution of this case reflects the racist bent of the Trump DOJ. But I urge them to bear this in mind:

    Many of those screaming bloody murder in this case are the same, self-appointed black avengers who screamed bloody murder in the Michael Brown case. It took black Attorney General Eric Holder to finally declare that their outrage – complete with unhinged looting and vandalism – was utterly baseless [i.e., when he announced that the Obama DOJ decided not to file civil rights charges against the white cop in that infamous case].

    I truly believe ‘Black Lives Matter.’ That’s why I’m more interested in preventing these black tragedies [by urging black men to stop resisting arrest] than in rushing to execute the White cops involved in them.

    (“Black Lives Matter? Sandra Bland Is an Example, Not a Martyr,” The iPINIONS Journal, July 23, 2015)

    That said, juxtaposing the violent protests that gave rise to these federal cases with the judicial whimper that resolved them speaks volumes. Particularly instructive in this respect is that cable news stations provided nary a mention of these resolutions. After all, they provided 24/7 coverage of those protests; never mind that they did so more as a ratings boon than public service.

    I shall end by reiterating my “golden rule.” Because black men would survive 99 percent of these encounters if they just obey police commands. Unfortunately, far too many choose instead to resist arrest—pursuant to some misguided (black) badge of courage. When a police is placing you under arrest (no matter how unwarranted you might think that is), it should not take him (and others) wrestling you to the ground to get you into handcuffs.

    Mind you, I readily concede that, in one percent of these encounters, obeying commands would not guarantee survival. The viral video of the killing of Philando Castile demonstrated this … in black and white. But this is the exception, not the rule. Which is why it’s plainly foolhardy to resist arrest because obeying commands only offers a 99 percent chance of survival.

    Related commentaries:

  • Tuesday, May 2, 2017 at 7:55 AM

    Advisers Treating Trump Like that Crazy Uncle…

    Posted by Anthony L. Hall

    It behooves everyone else to do the same.

    Since day one of his presidency, we’ve been treated to the spectacle of Trump blurting out outrageous and erroneous statements of policy only to have one or another of his advisers correct him. This was the case, for example, when he said he would

    • Kick out NATO members who “can’t pay their bills”;
    • Rip up the nuclear deal with Iran;
    • Name China a currency manipulator;
    • Abolish the Export-Import bank;
    • Get Mexico to pay for his border wall;
    • Defund Planned Parenthood.

    In each case, his advisers prevailed upon him to flip-flop in favor of the more sensible policy. This is why people from Washington to Beijing have taken to mocking him as having a big mouth and small hands, which he reinforces by making idle threats and using both hands to sip a small glass of water, respectively.

    Sure enough, here is how this farcical dynamic of the crazy uncle played out again last weekend with respect to South Korea:

    South Korea said the United States had reaffirmed it would shoulder the cost of deploying the THAAD anti-missile system, days after President Donald Trump said Seoul should pay for the $1-billion battery designed to defend against North Korea.

    In a telephone call on Sunday, Trump’s national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, reassured his South Korean counterpart, Kim Kwan-jin, that the U.S. alliance with South Korea was its top priority in the Asia-Pacific region, the South’s presidential office said.

    (Reuters, May 1, 2017)

    Incidentally, Trump had pundits across the political spectrum in a state of utter bewilderment yesterday. This, after he declared that he would be “honored” to meet with North Korea’s menacing dictator, Kim Jong-un.

    But I have maintained for years that any president who meets with the repressive leaders of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Turkey cannot standoff on principle when it comes to meeting with the repressive leaders of other countries. Indeed, propagating the notion that US presidents only meet with leaders who have committed no human-rights abuses is as patently disingenuous as propagating the notion that the Olympics only permit athletes who have never taken steroids to compete.

    This is why I took exception when these same intellectually dishonest pundits excoriated Obama for declaring his willingness to meet with the repressive leader of Iran. Mind you, Obama wasn’t so stupid as to say he would be honored to do so. But stupid is as Trump does. (Just call him Forest Drumpf!)

    Then, of course, there’s the way Trump has his surrogates continually scrambling to clarify the stunningly stupid and often reckless things he says. This is especially the case with remarks that betray what I call his dictator envy. It refers to his untenable fondness for dictators, despots and demigods – like Russian President Vladimir Putin, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the aforementioned North Korean President Kim Jong-un, respectively.

    I hasten to note here my unbridled contempt for TV commentators who are “making bank” by spinning into specious points the outrageous and erroneous things Trump says. Frankly, they are nothing more than political hired guns who couldn’t care less about the truth and consequences of their spin.

    Of course, if the producers of cable news had any concern for the integrity of public debate, they wouldn’t put these commentators on air to shoot their crap. Unfortunately, the zeitgeist today – in which the superficial and mercenary trends of social media predominate – is such that crap sells. This explains why Trump is president of the United States, after all.

    More to the point, everyone in politics seems interested only in making bank. This explains why only a handful of politicians seem bothered that Trump is turning nepotism into a virtue and the White House into a clearing house for his family businesses. Meanwhile, I had cause only yesterday to hail his “First 100 Days” as “mainly the feat of an idiot, full of lies and hypocrisy, accomplishing nothing.”

    That said, many commentators are suddenly parroting the crazy-uncle allusion. But here is how I made it several weeks ago – as I explained the implications of this farcical dynamic between Trump and his advisers:

    Such blunders are becoming a feature of his presidency. This is why political and business leaders worldwide are beginning to treat him like a crazy uncle, who is liable to say anything. Instead, they are looking to his cabinet secretaries to explain official US policies.

    (“Hail, Erdogan – Nouveau Sultan of Turkey,” The iPINIONS Journal, April 19, 2017)

    Beyond this, the world should thank God for the constitutional checks and balances that limit the damage a crazy president like Trump can do. But, to be fair, it bears stressing that he was sensible enough to appoint smart advisers to correct his congenital blunders.

    As it happens, though, he had his beleaguered surrogates scrambling again yesterday. This, after he claimed that the Civil War would have been averted if only, instead of the “Great Emancipator” Abraham Lincoln, the “tough,” slave-holding, Indian-killing Andrew Jackson were president.

    It’s fairer to honor Tubman by dishonoring Andrew Jackson, whose face now graces the $20 bill. …

    Jackson owned slaves. He also nearly wiped out Native Americans in the Southeastern United States, highlighted by forcing thousands of Cherokees on the “Trail of Tears” – which makes the Bataan Death March look like a Sunday stroll – as the White man’s solution to their “Indian problem.”

    (“US Putting Woman on Wrong Dollar Bill,” The iPINIONS Journal, June 22, 2015)

    Trump has made quite a show of hailing Jackson as his historical mentor, much as Obama hailed MLK as his. Except that Trump appears to have nothing more than soundbite interest in Jackson, which is the kind of interest he shows in most things. Because just browsing the very entertaining Jackson biography, American Lion (2008), would have disabused him of such glaring ignorance. Especially given that it was written by Jon Meacham, one of the TV pundits he treats like political tutors.

    In any event, resigned indignation with these dynamics of his presidency would spare us venting pointless outrage every time Trump acts like that crazy uncle; you know, the one who is always speaking with absolute authority and complete conviction on things he knows nothing about.

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