Wednesday, April 6, 2005 at 10:26 AM

Genocide in the DR Congo: Rwanda with a Vengeance

Posted by Anthony L. Hall

In the fertile killing fields of the DR Congo even children must kill or be killed!

During his 1998 celebrity tour of Africa, President Bill Clinton apologized (like he does so well) for being too preoccupied with his personal problems to deploy America’s political and military power to prevent the genocidal massacre of almost 1 million Africans. Nevertheless, the rest of America did not become outraged by this crime against humanity until they saw it depicted with horrific poignancy in last year’s critically acclaimed film, Hotel Rwanda.

Alas, I am compelled to sound the alarm about another genocide that is now taking place in the DR Congo on a scale that threatens to surpass the horror of Rwanda. Details about human cruelty, suffering and neglect of this magnitude are usually gratuitous. But for those who care to read the background information on this tragedy, click here.

I appreciate our despairing powerlessness to help these Congolese victims directly. Yet, we can flood our governments with cries of concern and demand action from them in the name of our shared humanity. Therefore, I urge you to contact your government officials and beg them to give this festering human catastrophe the attention it warrants.

Please act now! We do not need another American President traveling to the DR Congo in a few years to apologize for failing to act; nor should we wait for the movie Hotel DR Congo to incite outrage about this crisis only after another 1 million Africans have been massacred.

Click here to register concerns with the Chairman of the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

Click here to register concerns with the Chairman of the US House of Representatives Committee on Africa, Global Human Rights and International Relations

Coming soon, a double feature: Hotel Darfur and Hotel DR Congo

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