Saturday, April 9, 2005 at 11:41 AM

Michael Vick: Superstar NFL Quarterback Sued for Passing Herpes

Posted by Anthony L. Hall

Vick: Damn! This is really gonna screw up my game…

It seems that no matter how many cautionary tales they witness (e.g. Magic Johnson’s career destroyed by HIV, Michael Jordan sued by his mistress for palimony, Dr J’s lust child descending upon him 18 years after one of his trysts, etc.), professional athletes will continue to risk their fortunes and lives trying to score more women than points. Indeed, the latest jock to be caught in the snatch is Michael Vick – quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons and the NFL’s highest paid player.

It was reported a couple days ago that a young Atlanta women filed a personal injury lawsuit against Vick for infecting her with the Herpes Simplex 2 virus (the down there type). No doubt many of Vick’s fans will dismiss her claim as that of just another gold-digging groupie (like the star-struck Rocky Mountain cowgirl who just lassoed Kobe Bryant for millions for that now infamous 1 minute booty call in his hotel room. Of course, Kobe – thinking with his heads upside down – probably thought she was bending over to make herself available to him as part of the hotel’s hospitality welcome package.)

Incidentally, how many of you women out there would forgive your husband if he cheated but explained that he did it only because he could not handle having sex with you while you were pregnant? And, would a $4 million diamond ring make you anymore forgiving?

Nevertheless, Vick’s accuser seems quite sympathetic; whereas he comes off like an amoral, two-legged viral syringe. She is a health care worker who made Vick wait more than a year before he could get some (Imagine that!). She alleges, however, that he tried at every opportunity to infect her by throwing passes to have unprotected sex. And, that even though she gave up no yards in this regard, on one occasion, he managed to penetrate her defenses (assault?) for a quick touch down there before she could get him out (of the end zone) and properly outfitted – before inviting him back in on her terms.

Unfortunately, the damage was done. And that was the last time they had sex because a few days later burning clusters of genital herpes had her writhing in pain and off to the emergency room.

The suit alleges that Vick knew – from the many required physicals he had taken to insure his $130 million contract – that he was packing a double-edged shaft. And, it is this prior knowledge coupled with his callous disregard for this woman’s health that should not only compel him to blow a load of millions to settle this suit but also subject him to criminal prosecution.

Click here to read the civil complaint and see what you think…


  1. Anonymous April 10, 2005 at 2:06 pm

    it seems that some people will never learn.

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