Saturday, April 23, 2005 at 12:14 PM

Update: 10 More Women Accuse Bill Cosby of Sexual Assault…Rape!

Posted by Anthony L. Hall

Last February, Bill Cosby – America’s favorite TV Dad (and faithful husband) – escaped prison when prosecutors investigating allegations of sexual assault concluded they did not have sufficient evidence to convict him at trial, beyond a reasonable doubt.

But no one thought that was the end of the story. Indeed, just over a month later – after losing any chance to take away his freedom – Cosby’s lone accuser filed a civil lawsuit to take away his money instead.

Many court observers assumed this suit would be settled with financial dispatch in the same way that Kobe Bryant paid-off his accuser (for what ultimately proved to be a $5 million romp!). But a few days ago, the allegations against Cosby became ten times worse and, potentially, ten times more costly. Because lawyers for his accuser filed motion in court for ten more women to give evidence of similar sexual assaults he perpetrated against them too, allegedly. (Click here to read the motion in full)

Kobe had only one “disgruntled” groupie to payoff. Moreover, his wife sparkled with understanding and support – flashing that $4 million diamond ring he tendered to shield her from public humiliation. (And, given his idle brain, Kobe will probably be paying his wife for understanding, support and “some” for years to come.) Cosby, on the other hand, has eleven women (and perhaps more waiting in the wings) to deal with; and, who knows how many diamond rings would be required to shield his wife from the humiliation their testimony will certainly inflict.

Cosby: Damn! I may need 11 Kobe lawyers (and diamond rings) to get out of this…

Of course, the merit of their allegations of being drugged, grouped and raped by Cosby has yet to be investigated. And, it is possible they could all be lying; just as it’s possible that Cosby has been as faithful to his real wife as he was to the one he had on TV….

Nevertheless, it’s been a while since Cosby had a starring role in anything worthy of his comedic genius. And, regrettably, this case seems likely to typecast him forever as a predatory sexual wolf despite his (trademark) sheepish grin.

Kobe Bryant, Jesse Jackson, Barry Bonds, R Kelly, Al Sharpton, Michael Jordan, “Michael Jackson”…Cosby: Brothers, brothers, what’s going on?


  1. Bagwhan November 4, 2009 at 10:29 pm

    Guess the folks at the Kennedy Center must have overlooked this with awarding him the Mark Twain Lifetime Achievement award tonight…who knows?…I do suspect though he is guilty of it but also guilty of never seeking the psycho help he requires. I think he’s been ill his whole life, but has masked it with success, humor and niceties…inside I believe he’s a miserable human being. Were all 11 women White?

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