Thursday, April 7, 2005 at 10:40 AM

Viktor Yushchenko comes to Washington

Posted by Anthony L. Hall

The U.S. Congress welcomes Ukrainian President Viktor Yuschenko as the world’s latest hero of Democracy!

Yesterday, the newly elected president of Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko, received a triumphal welcome before addressing a joint session of the United States Congress. Yushchenko thanked President George W. Bush for standing firm in his support for Ukraine’s peaceful Orange Revolution and vowed to build a resolutely American-style democracy in heart of the old Soviet Union.

The Ukraine became the focus of international intrigue last fall when the national campaign for its next president was marked by two very controversial developments:

The first was a dinner party held by outgoing Communist Party leaders at which Yuschenko believes they tried to assassinate him with a cocktail of dioxin poison.

Before and after pictures show how dioxin poison has deformed Yushchenko’s appearance…

And, the second was Bush’s very public challenge to Russian President Vladimir Putin to cease and desist his meddlesome support of Yushchenko’s opponent, Viktor Yanukovich – a twice convicted rapist with well-known ties to the mafia clans that controlled much of Ukraine’s economy under the defeated communist regime.

Therefore, this day – with Yushchenko personifying his democracy crusade – must have been sweet vindication for George W. Bush….

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