Wednesday, September 7, 2005 at 11:32 AM

Princess Michael Embarrasses the British Royal Family…Again!

Posted by Anthony L. Hall

The surly Princess Michael of Kent has proved once again that a Royal title confers neither class nor intelligence. Several months ago, I published a commentary on reports about her gauche behaviour at a restaurant in New York City. On that occasion, her royal act was made notorious by the racial slur she spewed against black diners who were seated, conspicuously, at a more privileged table.

Now, the princess has committed the faux pas of prattling-on to a complete stranger – in terribly unflattering detail – about the people she depends upon for her daily bread; i.e., The Royal Family. It seems one of those delightfully irreverent British tabloids seized upon the opportunity to exploit her greed and stupidity. The News of the World dispatched one of its editors – disguised as an Arab sheik – to elicit the princess’ musings under the pretense of being willing to pay above the list price of £6million for her home, Nether Lypiatt – the 17th century Cotswolds manor she has shared with her husband Prince Michael, the Queen’s cousin, for 25 years.

And, as the princess gave him the royal tour, here are some of the juicy tidbits she shared with the fake sheik whom she no doubt regarded as just another nouveau riche fool looking to part with his money:

On The Queen: That, if Her Mummy is any guide, Charles will probably die before the end of Her reign. And, that the Queen “finds it difficult to accept Charles’ marriage to Camilla.”

On Prince Charles: That Diana caught him “whispering words of undying love to Camilla on their honeymoon.” And, that he was (and remains) “deeply jealous of Princess Diana’s popularity.”

On Princess Diana: That she was just a “convenient womb to bear Charles’ heirs and that he NEVER loved her”. And, that her loveless marriage made her a “bitter, nasty and strange woman.”

On Princess Consort Camilla: That “she will be crowned Queen” – no matter what Buckingham Palace says. (Incidentally, a prospect I proffered in my commentary on the occasion of her marriage to Prince Charles.)

On Prince William: That, “no, no, no-no jumping.” He will not become king if Charles is still alive.

On Prince Harry: That, his Nazi outfit with its blazoned Swastikas (which caused an international furore) was no big deal. And, that “had he been wearing the hammer and sickle there wouldn’t have been so much fuss made. And yet what does a hammer and sickle stand for? Russia, Stalin.”

Evidently, the princess thought these endearments about the royals would enhance the value of her home. But, in an even more desperate gesture to seal her coveted deal, she offered to throw in some family antiques and bed linen, redecorate the manor for the fake sheik (if he “employed” her) and cut the ceremonial ribbon at a supermarket he claimed to be opening in Dubai (for the right fee of course).

Meanwhile, what did her prince charming do during this groveling sales pitch? Well, Prince Michael reportedly mumbled barely intelligible gripes, without a hint of irony, about how royalty is not what it used to be:

Not only the deference [to Royalty] has very much gone, the whole thing of tradition and history—all the things that we grew up to think were the right priorities—have all been dismissed as of no importance.

Poor bastards!

Note: Princess Michael is not the only royal whose greed led her down a primrose path to international embarrassment. After all, just 4 years ago, Prince Edward’s wife, Sophie the Countess of Wessex, was caught on tape by the very same fake sheik dishing all manner of scandalous gossip about government officials, the fringe benefits of being royal and, like Princess Michael, the Royal family when he dangled the prospect of easy money for her taking….

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