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Media desperately seeking another Katrina, but finding only Gustav

Posted by Anthony L. Hall

TV stations cover natural disasters purportedly as a public service. But there’s no denying that such coverage is a ratings boon for their bottom line – catering as it does to the perverse thrill of suspense that keeps us fixated on the hype of impending doom….

[…Katrina’s coming, Katrina’s coming, The iPINIONS Journal, August 29, 2005]

Now politicians are acting as if every hurricane heading for the United States is the next Katrina, and they are making every phony gesture possible to appear more concerned about potential hurricane victims than President George W. Bush did in the wake of Katrina.

Why else would John McCain and the Republicans cancel the opening of their political convention in St. Paul, Minnesota – as if that would help New Orleans prepare for Hurricane Gustav or provide emergency relief in its wake?  Indeed, nothing demonstrates the phoniness of this gesture quite like the fact that delegates still went out and partied all over the city last night like it was New Year’s Eve. And, frankly, I don’t blame them.

Meanwhile, imagine how foolish the Republicans must feel today – given that the only disaster to hit New Orleans was the pack of big-city reporters, like Geraldo Rivera, scavenging for wind or rain damage to report as news.

But I shall spare you my indignant commentary on the absurdity of reporters “braving” the elements to report on what is plain to see; i.e., that Gustav’s landfall brought Category 2 winds of 115 mph, torrential rain and floods. 

Frankly, only when flying debris decapitates one of these misguided storm chasers will everybody exclaim ‘what the hell were they standing outside in the midst of a hurricane for anyway!’

Let’s hope Katrina’s winds are strong enough to finally blow away one of those wannabe Dan Rathers who seem to think that it’s necessary (and heroic) to go out in the hurricane to report the obvious whilst holding on to a pole for dear life….

[…Katrina’s coming, Katrina’s coming, The iPINIONS Journal, August 29, 2005]

Ditto Gustav and every other hurricane that comes along….

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