Wednesday, July 4, 2012 at 7:56 AM

Independence Day Marrred by Wildfires and Power Outages

Posted by Anthony L. Hall

I’m on record observing that wildfires are becoming as menacing to Western states as hurricanes have always been to Southern states. Never mind that far too many of these fires are ignited not by Mother Nature, but by human beings.

Of course I always feel sympathy for those who lose their homes, to say nothing of the firefighters who lose their lives – as four did just days ago battling flames in Colorado. But it’s becoming somewhat contrived to publish new commentaries on these annual outbreaks; a contrivance, incidentally, that is epitomized by cable news stations that cover these fires each year with eschatological, end-of-days enthusiasm

Therefore, I shall suffice to say that as you are barbecuing in your backyard, picnicking at the beach or just enjoying the fireworks today, please reserve a patriotic thought for all who died defending our liberties….

But reserve a thought as well as for fellow Americans who are suffering the Armageddon-like ravages of wildfires in Colorado and California or the Death Valley-like discomforts of power outages throughout Washington, DC and six surrounding states.

Mind you, it is utterly stupefying that, here in the 21st century, 20th century power lines are cutting off electricity to millions of residents even in the capital of the world’s richest and most technically advanced country. You’d think by now that not just DC but every nook and cranny of this country would be enjoying electricity provided by underground cables protected from the whims and wrath of Mother Nature. Then again, this is a country where half the people (all Republicans) take jingoistic pride in the fact that over 40 million of their fellow citizens live Dickensian lives when it comes to healthcare. But I digress….

Here’s to a fun and safe looooong weekend!

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