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North Korea Playing Nuclear Brinkmanship … Again

Posted by Anthony L. Hall

A blunt and explicit threat from North Korea on Thursday that its missile and nuclear programs would “target” the United States poses a stark challenge to the Obama Administration even as it hoped it could focus its major diplomatic effort on restraining Iran’s less-advanced nuclear program.

(“North Korea Issues Blunt Threat to United States,” New York Times, January 24, 2013)

north_korea_24Given the above, from no less an authority than the New York Times, you might think we’re about to face a North Korean missile crisis that makes the infamous Cuban one seem like much ado about nothing. Except that nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact it’s this alarming Times article that is much ado about nothing. And to be assured of this, all you need to do is read my most recent commentary on the nuisance North Korea has represented on the world stage since 1975. So here for your edification and peace of mind is North Korea to The World: Nuke Off! The iPINIONS Journal, December 13, 2012:


President Obama led a chorus of world leaders hurling patently meaningless condemnation at North Korea yesterday after it launched a long-range missile/satellite into space. Never mind that the only thing newsworthy about this launch is that (after the fifth brazenly attempt) it appears to have been successful.

Moreover, all indications are that the only danger North Korea poses is the irrational fear of imminent nuclear attack it incites every time it test-fires one of its missiles. Never mind that the United States possesses (and can fortify its regional allies with) anti-ballistic missile defenses that could neutralize any such attack.

So instead of stoking such fears, Obama should convene a coalition of the willing among Asia-Pacific countries (APEC) to forge agreement on the following resolution, which, significantly, would not be subject to UN-style veto by any country (namely, China or Russia):


  • Recognizing that the United Nations is unable or unwilling to stop North Korea from violating its resolutions (most notably, res. 1718 against conducting nuclear tests or launching ballistic missiles) with impunity;
  • Finding that these violations pose an untenable threat to the Asia-Pacific region;

Resolves that:

  1. Instead of continuing the feckless practice of bribing North Korea with cash, oil and food to get it to stop these violations, APEC shall henceforth impose the severest possible sanctions, unilaterally;
  2. If, either as a result of misfire or deliberate intent, any of North Korea’s missiles even threatens any APEC country, the United States shall lead the bombardment of all of its nuclear and missile facilities until they are incapable of even setting off firecrackers, let alone launching nuclear missiles.

All else is folly….

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