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Ukraine: a New (Post-War) Germany in the Making

Posted by Anthony L. Hall


Russian forces in two armored columns captured a key southeastern coastal town near the Russian border Thursday after Ukrainian forces retreated in the face of superior firepower, a Ukrainian military spokesman said.

Plainly, Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken the measure of President Obama and found him to be no obstacle to re-creation of the Russian empire.

Former assistant secretary of state Brian Hook observes: ‘Putin’s aggression is a direct challenge to the post-Cold War security order in Europe that America largely created.’

(Washington Post, August 28, 2014)

1f63baa7-c1f5-488e-89c1-102779c89efe.imgAll that’s left now is for Western powers and Novorossiya (“New Russia”) to decide where to draw the (official) line dividing East and West Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has 40,000 to 60,000 troops revving up their tanks on Ukraine’s eastern boarder awaiting his order to invade … if civil unrest continues. Meanwhile, he has operatives all over eastern Ukraine spreading pro-Russian propaganda and fomenting that unrest.

Therefore, it’s no wonder he’s winning – not just the hearts and minds of pro-Russian Ukrainians, but also the psychological war he has been waging against Ukraine’s pro-Western leaders ever since they ousted his puppet president, Viktor Yanukovych, three months ago…

It’s clearly foolhardy for pro-Western leaders in Kiev to continue ordering troops to wage plainly feckless battles to retake government buildings in eastern Ukraine, which thugs have seized and claimed as property of their separatist pro-Russian republic. Nothing dramatizes this fecklessness quite like having old, basket-swinging, pro-Russian babushkas continually repel their military advances…

By the same token, though, having stood by as Putin annexed Crimea (without firing a shot) and doing little now to help Ukrainians prevent him from annexing the rest of eastern Ukraine (with the proverbial one thousand little cuts), it’s equally foolhardy for Obama and other Western leaders to continue threatening Putin with economic sanctions … if he continues to do what he seems determined to continue doing.

(“A Ukraine Divided Is the Only Way It Will Stand,” The iPINIONS Journal, May 6, 2014)

Here’s to Cold War II then; or, as I warned from the outset of this conflict, to history repeating itself.

But, apropos of which, just as their predecessors eventually got their shit together to thwart Hitler’s attempt to create a German empire, Western leaders will eventually do the same to thwart Putin’s attempt to re-create the Russian empire. And, just as Western powers defeated the Soviet Union in the first Cold War, they will defeat Novorossiya in this second one too.

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