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Nudes of Celebrities, Including J-Law and Kate Upton, Hacked. No Sh!+

Posted by Anthony L. Hall


Photos that purport to show Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities in the nude are circulating on the Internet, TMZ reports. The site says the leaked images appear to be part of a “massive celebrity hacking campaign.”

(Daily Beast, September 1, 2014)

Jennifer-lawrence-bra-sizeOur celebrity-obsessed culture is such that millions — who would never think of ogling nudes of the most beautiful, but relatively unknown, women in the world — would nonetheless gawk at hacked nudes of relatively average-looking celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence (with all due respect to her fans).

Let me hasten to assert that hacking is a predatory crime and the hackers behind this caper should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. (Of course, silly me, I think Edward Snowden should be too….)

But what is most noteworthy about this story is that such nudes even exist. You’d think that — after the truly shocking publication of hacked nudes of Vanessa Hudgens years ago — other celebrities would not give hackers the opportunity to do to them what they did to her. Not to mention all of the instructive reports/warnings about hacking that have been published almost daily since then.

Yet reports indicate that, these days, all young celebrities take compromising nudes, which they store on their iPhones or leave floating around in cyberspace (in the ‘iViolated’ iCloud). One could be forgiven the impression they think what happened to Vanessa is something devoutly to be wished.

This is why any celebrity expressing outrage at being “violated” in this way is either too stupid or reckless to be worthy of any sympathy. Frankly, though, my informed cynicism is such that I believe the vast majority of celebrities are as upset at hackers in this context as Kim Kardashian is at the paparazzi she depends on for her fame: ‘shocked, shocked” indeed.

That said, Kate Upton (as well as every other closeted centerfold) might want to rethink her relationship; not least because her boyfriend has her doing photo spreads for his viewing pleasure that would make even the editor of Hustler magazine blush. After all, if she thinks he’s going to give a damn who sees them after their inevitable breakup, she’s an even dumber blonde than stereotype suggests.

NOTE: Er, yes, I perused some of the extremely explicit nudes … strictly for blogging purposes.

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