Saturday, October 4, 2014 at 7:18 AM

Stop the ‘Breaking News’ about Beheadings Already!

Posted by Anthony L. Hall

The irony seems completely lost on American media that they’re the ones terrorizing us … [to death].

(“America, Stop Scaremongering…” The iPINIONS Journal, January 22, 2014)

153122_600Hysterical, terror-inciting reporting has become so mainstream that, in just the past few weeks, one could be forgiven for thinking that Russia was triggering World War III; that China was executing another Tiananmen Square-like massacre in Hong Kong; and that Ebola was infecting every man, woman, and child on planet Earth.

Nothing is more perverse or irresponsible in this respect than the way the media continually portray ISIS terrorists. For they would have you believe that this ragtag bunch of Muslim jihadists are the latterday equivalent of Christian crusaders — who are rampaging across the Middle East, avenging Islam by beheading thousands of Westerners along the way.

Except that nothing could be further from the truth. These terrorists are merely exercising temporary dominion over rat holes in parts of Syria and Iraq, which U.S.-led coalition bombers are now in the process of turning into their graves.

In the meantime, they are deliberately executing one thousand Muslims for every non-Muslim they behead.

I should note here that the U.S. military publishing videos of drone strikes, which give the impression of a kid picking off sitting ducks in a violent video game, probably terrorizes innocent people over there every bit as much as Daesh publishing beheadings terrorizes innocent people over here….

I appreciate, of course, that the operating motto of all media these days is: “if it bleeds, it leads.” But surely even ratings whores in the mainstream media can appreciate the difference between reporting on the menace of gun violence in America and serving as nothing more than a propaganda tool for Daesh.

After all, given that “Jihadi John” performs these made-for-YouTube beheadings for no other purpose than to terrorize everyone who knows about or, better still, sees them, what sense does it make for the media to ensure that as many people as possible are thusly terrorized?! Incidentally, apropos of gun violence, am I the only one who finds it hypocritical, almost to the point of being unconscionable, that the media invariably make rock stars of loser kids who go on school-shooting sprees, and then propagate pop psychology about why these loser kids go on school-shooting sprees…?

Forget the irony, it speaks volumes about how much the media have lost their way that they couldn’t care any less that they’re serving no public interest by reporting on these beheadings. All they care about is stoking rubbernecking interest to improve their ratings.

But frankly, the only people who need to know about these beheadings at this point are the loved ones of the godforsaken beheaded. What’s more, notwithstanding the media, President Obama can help quell the hysteria by expressing his condolences privately, instead of issuing pubic statements — full of angst and outrage signifying nothing — after each of them.

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