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Prosecutor Patronizing Prostitutes He Prosecuted

Posted by Anthony L. Hall

Unfortunately, news about public figures crusading against prostitution by day, while patronizing prostitutes by night, has become commonplace.

Their hypocrisy is such, however, that I can never tire of the schadenfreude I feel whenever one of them is hoisted by his own petard.

Accordingly, I have reveled over their comeuppance in many commentaries, including “The Hypocrisy of Eliot Spitzer’s Assignations with Prostitutes.” March 11, 2008, “Why Hypocritical Politician Is Becoming Redundant,” June 18, 2009, “Bishop Eddie Long’s Gay-Sex Scandal,” September 29, 2010, and “69-Year-Old Lord Exposed as Britain’s Charlie Sheen,” July 28, 2015.

Here is how I stated the principle behind my revelry years ago in “Sen. Vitter, Family Values Crusader, Outed as a ‘John,’” July 11, 2007:

If these politicians were not lead vocals in a chorus of moral crusaders, I would not give their sexual escapades a moment’s thought. For the unadulterated pleasure of afflicting these hypocrites, however, I don’t even mind being bedfellows with a publicity-seeking hustler like Larry Flynt.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 1.05.11 PMOnly this explains why I am even bothering to comment on the latest public figure to enter this rogue’s gallery of moral and sexual hypocrites.

[Stuart Dunnings III, 63] paid for sex ‘hundreds of times’ between 2010 and 2015, state and county law enforcement officials said Monday as they announced charges against the long-serving Ingham County prosecutor…

He is facing a total of 15 criminal charges in Ingham, Clinton and Ionia counties, the most serious being a felony charge of prostitution-pandering for allegedly using his position to coerce a woman who came to him for help with a child custody case to have sex with him for money, according to court records…

In 2001, Dunnings took over prosecuting the city’s prostitution-related crimes in hopes of getting tougher penalties for offenders … impounding johns’ vehicles and charging prostitutes and their customers with felonies for third offenses.

(Lansing State Journal, March 14, 2016)

That said, I reiterate my abiding plea to legalize prostitution. This would not only show due regard for the “world’s oldest profession,” but also offer the only way for public figures to get off (as they are clearly wont to do) without this carnal betrayal of public trust.

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