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Evangelical Leaders Have Sacrificed their Souls at Altar of Trump

Posted by Anthony L. Hall

Imagine a mother behaving like such an unruly child that she forces her children to chastise her. That effectively is what the president of Liberty University forced his students to do this week:

A group of students at Liberty University, the largest Christian college in the country, is denouncing Donald Trump and speaking out against the school’s president for backing the Republican presidential nominee despite his vulgar and predatory comments about women.

The group, Liberty United Against Trump, released a statement earlier this week arguing that the school’s president, Jerry Falwell Jr., had linked the school and Trump. The group noted that any member of the school’s faculty would be fired for bragging about kissing and groping women the way that Trump has.

(Huffington Post, October 14, 2016)


As it happens, some of us have been chastising Christian leaders like Falwell for their brazen hypocrisy for some time now. Here, for example, is what I wrote in “Evangelicals Supporting Donald Trump like Israelites Worshipping Golden Calf,” January 20, 2016.


I know Evangelicals. As the son of an evangelical preacher, I grew up amongst them. So trust me when I say that, for any sober Evangelical, Trump is the very personification of Mammon.

This, after all, is a man who takes diabolical pride in boasting that he never asks God for forgiveness because he’s without sin, he’s rich, and he’s like a god himself. He even boasts that The Art of the Deal, his book about the virtues of greed and the salvation of wealth, rivals the Bible.

Not to mention that he made most of his money building gambling casinos. Because gambling is as great a sin for most Evangelicals as usury is for most Islamists.


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