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Breaking News: US Intel Says Putin Has Compromising Info on Trump

Posted by Anthony L. Hall

Here is what I wrote almost a month ago on this topic:

Frankly, besides Putin manipulating his infantile ego, the only thing that explains Trump’s antic infatuation [with Putin] is the same Russians who hacked the DNC making it clear to him that they have compromising, if not incriminating, information on him and/or his family.

(“The Issue Is Not Whether Russia Affected Outcome of US Election,” The iPINIONS Journal, December 12, 2016)

And here is what CNN is reporting right now as Breaking News:

Classified documents presented last week to President Obama and President-elect Trump included allegations that Russian operatives claim to have compromising personal and financial information about Mr. Trump, multiple US officials with direct knowledge of the briefings tell CNN.

Truth be told, we already know so much about the money-grubbing, pussy-grabbing Trump, it’s hard to imagine any information that could compromise him, especially in the eyes of his “basket of deplorables.”

But the alleged personal information might prove too humiliating for Congressional Republicans to defend:

Russian authorities tried to ‘exploit Trump’s personal obsessions and sexual perversion’ in order to compromise him.

The document also referenced Trump’s ‘(perverted) conduct’ at the presidential suite of the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Moscow, [where] the President and First Lady Michelle Obama ‘whom he hated’ had stayed.

It cited ‘Source D’ as saying Trump’s conduct included hiring prostitutes ‘to perform a ‘golden showers’ (urination) show in front of him.’ It says the hotel was known to be under the control of Russia’s FSB, with hidden cameras and microphones.

(Daily Mail, January 10, 2016)

If he had any sense of decency, Trump would resign in shame … assuming this report is true. But I fear he will force Congress to impeach him — as I posited exactly two months ago today:

Speaker Paul Ryan is leading a chorus of Republican leaders in singing Trump’s praises. But their resentment over his bull-in-a-China-shop run to the White House is palpable.

Therefore, don’t be surprised if they seize the first opportunity to impeach and replace him with Vice President-elect Mike Pence — who Republicans and Democrats alike consider far more fit to serve as president … for a litany of well-documented reasons. And, given Trump’s Nixonian inclination to punish his enemies, to say nothing of his Clintonian inclination to enrich himself, he is bound to provide all kinds of opportunities for them to do so.

(“WTF! President-elect Donald J. Trump?! America. What. Have. You. Done.” The iPINIONS Journal, November 10, 2016)

On the other hand, if he were only a little smarter and less egotistical, Trump would admit it. After all, there’s nothing illegal about frolicking with prostitutes, no matter how depraved. I mean, it’s not as if he actually tested his political invincibility by standing in the middle of 5th Avenue and shooting someone.

What’s more, his wife has already shown that she’s every bit as willing to forgive his infidelities as his supporters are to forgive his lies. Not to mention that admitting the truth of this report would remove Putin’s Damoclean sword of blackmail from over his head, freeing Trump to treat him with even more contempt than he treated “Little Marco.”

Still, unsurprisingly, Trump immediately dismissed it as “FAKE NEWS.” To which the only appropriate comment is the old Greek proverb:

Live by the sword, die by the sword.

But God help us if this report is true. Because, by denying it, Trump is only strengthening Putin’s hand as his puppet master — with all of the nefarious compromises that portends.

Meanwhile, am I the only one who fears that, if Putin has compromising personal and financial information about Trump, he probably has such information in reams (and in living color) about Rex Tillerson, Trump’s nominee for secretary of state. After all, Tillerson’s bromance with Putin is based on “doing business” in Moscow not just for a weekend but for a decade.

Stay tuned, folks.

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