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Confused Kanye Is Transitioning to a Black Male Version of Rachel Dolezal

Posted by Anthony L. Hall

Have you noticed he’s already sporting blonde hair, man boobs, and (sometimes) blue eyes…?

Only this confusion explains Kanye tweeting antic love for Donald Trump.

After all, to paraphrase Kanye’s most famous political statement:

Donald Trump doesn’t care about black people.

Then again, to paraphrase Obama’s take on him:

Kanye is a Jackass, whose talent gives no pass.

I know tweeters/instagrammers/facebookers crave attention the way addicts crave drugs. And nothing guarantees the former a quick fix quite like gratuitous nudity or polarizing stupidity.

But it’s one thing to make a fool of oneself for attention on social media. It’s quite another to declare love for a president who foments racism, misogyny, and xenophobia — complete with pathological lies. Not to mention the self-hating folly inherent in the person declaring that love being a member of a group for whom this president continually shows prejudicial contempt or disregard.

For example, Trump spent days last year hailing the white neo-Nazis who caused mayhem in Charlottesville as some fine men. Yet he has not tweeted a word of praise for James Shaw, the black hero who disarmed a white gunman after he killed four (black) people at a Waffle House five days ago.

But this racist dichotomy should surprise nobody who knows anything about Trump. Indeed, if those involved in the Waffle House massacre were racially reversed, nobody can deny that Trump would have wasted no time praising the white hero and damning the black gunman. But I digress …

The point is that, instead of either defending or disowning Kanye, his family and friends should mount an intervention. This brother needs help!

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