Sunday, April 15, 2018 at 8:37 AM

Syria: Mission Accomplished?

Posted by Anthony L. Hall

The “pee-brained” president of the United States greeted the world this morning with this tweet, which is as heartless as it is clueless:

Of course, the only mission Trump accomplished was to waste billions of taxpayer dollars just to turn a few empty buildings into rubble —in a war-ravaged country that was already mostly rubble.

After all, thanks to Trump’s heads up, Assad had nearly a week to move assets to safe harbor, and reports are that Russia and Iran helped him do just that.

Trump did not destroy any of the aircrafts Assad uses to launch chemical weapons; he did not kill any of the fighters Assad uses to politically cleanse opposition forces; and he did not destroy any of the stations Assad uses to transmit propaganda.

In fact, Trump did absolutely nothing to prevent Assad from gassing his own people again today. This is self-evident because, if Assad were still storing chemical weapons in any of the buildings targeted, blowing them up would have made Trump responsible for a human catastrophe far worse than the one he was purportedly avenging.

Frankly, the only newsworthy thing about this “perfectly executed strike” is the way it exposed Putin as an even bigger blustering fool than Trump. After all, Putin warned that he would not only shoot every missile out of the sky but destroy the ships and aircrafts that launched them to boot. Yet reports are that he did not fire a single shot in defense of his puppet Assad. #COWARD!

In any event, given my allusions in related commentaries to President Bush’s shock-and-awe disaster in Iraq, these latest developments compel me to say, I rest my case.

NOTE: Here’s to the media returning to their regularly scheduled saturation coverage of Comey’s “bombshell revelations” about Trump.

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* This commentary was originally published yesterday, Saturday, at 8:47 a.m.

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