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Confirmation! ‘Pedophile Priest’ Is Redundant

Posted by Anthony L. Hall

Lately I am finding that I’ve already written all I care to on many topics. Chief among them is the cardinal crime of child sexual abuse (as well as the brazen hypocrisy of homosexual indulgences) in the Catholic Church.

I cite in this regard such commentaries as “Pope Accused of Harboring Pedophile Priest,” March 16, 2010, “Justice Begins for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church…,” June 23, 2012, “Pope Confesses: There’s a Gay Cabal in the Vatican,” June 13, 2013 (which vindicated perverse symmetries I’d been making between Vatican City and the biblical city of Sodom and Gomorrah), and “Sexual Abuse Allegations Against Pope’s Adviser Damns Papacy,” June 29, 2017.

I share that to explain why I’m giving this latest development short shrift, despite its damning nature:

More than 1,000 children — and possibly many more — were molested by hundreds of Roman Catholic priests in six Pennsylvania dioceses, while senior church officials took steps to cover it up, according to a landmark grand jury report released Tuesday.

The grand jury said it believes the ‘real number’ of abused children might be ‘in the thousands’ since some records were lost and victims were afraid to come forward. The report said more than 300 clergy committed the abuse over a period of decades.

(The Associated Press, August 14, 2018)

It’s important to stress that this report indicts clergy who abused children in only six of Pennsylvania’s eight dioceses. Because there are 145 dioceses in the United States. And I would bet my disillusioned soul that similar reports would indict as many clergy in every one of them.

What’s more, Ireland and Chile are grappling with similar revelations. And I suspect men who travel to places like the Philippines and Thailand as tourists for pedophile sex have nothing on priests who travel there as Catholic missionaries … for the same thing, hence the inherent redundancy of pedophile priest.

This is why the shocking truth is that the real number of abused children must be in the millions. And this charge on the heavenly scroll accounts only for abuses in the United States.

Think about that …

Meanwhile, I cannot look at any Catholic priest without suspecting that he is either a predatory pedophile or a closet homosexual. What’s more, I cannot help thinking that popes and bishops have countenanced or enabled the sexual abuse of children because they were/are either predatory pedophiles or closet homosexuals themselves.

Only this explains the religious way church leaders have covered up the sexual predation and indulgences of priests … since time immemorial. And it is self-evident that no secular sanction (whether imprisoning priests or fining the Church) will exorcise these demons from this Body of Christ.

Frankly, despite their moral protestations, the pope and other leaders must deem pedophilia and homosexuality time-honored rites of communion.  Alas, the fallacy of celibacy is surpassed in its deceitfulness only by words that proceed from the mouths of Catholic priests.

Moreover, these putative men of God cannot believe God exists. They must reason that, if he did, he would have stopped priests from systematically abusing children long ago. After all, what God would allow this criminal sex cult (which smacks of a fusion between Nxivm and the Church of Scientology) to flourish as a holy church in his name.

Think about that …

Incidentally, prosecutors made quite a show of presenting this grand jury report. But legal technicalities (statutes of limitation) bar them from prosecuting all but two of these priests for raping thousands of boys (and a few girls).

By interesting contrast, those same statutes of limitation also barred these same prosecutors from prosecuting Pennsylvanian Bill Cosby for raping tens of women. Except that, in one case, they were not barred.

That is why, when he’s sentenced next month, Cosby will be spending the rest of his life in prison, and then an eternity in Hell – where he’ll rendezvous with all predatory priests who got off scot-free.

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